Party Like Thieves

Party Like Thieves


Gritty Pop Punk from Denver, CO. Our music is in the same vein as The Movie Life, Dillinger Four and Saves The Day.


Our band features Nick Chmel on Drums (False Colours), Jeremy Van Zandt on Guitar and Vocals (former False Colours vocalist), and Ross Franklin on Bass and Vocals (ex-Jinx Removing). We are a tight pop-punk power trio that delivers bursts of down stroke guitars and snotty melodies. We have played many shows in Denver starting in the fall of 2012 and are now attempting to play more national shows. Party Like Thieves has shared the stage with renowned national bands like Two Cow Garage, The Copyrights, Mixtapes, Aficionado, Silver Snakes, Citizen, False Colours, Drainbabies and We Like Monsters.

We have recorded two EPs with Chris Fogal (The Gamits) at Black In Bluhm Studios in Denver. The first EP was recorded in August 2012 and is titled The Surrender EP. The second was recorded in January 2013 and is titled A Single Wave EP.


A Single Wave EP (2013)

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The Surrender EP (2012)

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Set List

Bike Lane Jane pt 2
Planes, Trains, Audiofiles
Four Chords and Seven Beers Ago
F Down
Deceptively Calm