Pasadena Napalm Division

Pasadena Napalm Division


Sounds Like: A garbage truck being dropped off the Texas Capitol Building! Influences: Someone you've heard before and hated so much that you pulled both your ears off and in order to make sure they weren't surgically reattached... you ate them!


Pasadena Napalm Division


1 part DRI
Kurt Brecht - vocals

3 parts dead horse
Greg Martin - guitar
Ronnie Guyote - drums
Scott Sevall - guitar

1 part Angkor Wat
Mike Titsworth - bass

PASADENA NAPALM DIVISION really can’t be called an all-star Texas band. Nobody in this band has ever gone platinum, gold, silver or even for that matter aluminum. Unless, of course, you count the 100+ aluminum beer cans piled in the corner of the P.N.D. rehearsal room. Instead, you should think of PASADENA NAPALM DIVISION as a well seasoned, TEXAS ALL-SCAR thrasrasrash BAND!
The popularity of music is notoriously cyclical. Twenty years after a scene is defined, exploited, and then discarded by the music industry, you can expect a resurgence in that particular genre’s popularity... eventually. Only the strong survive and the serious prevail. Because of this industry glitch, now is the time for thrash/hardcore/crossover, whatever you want to call it, to come back with a vengeance. Why now, you may ask? Well, because times are tough and the style of music that P.N.D. spews speaks to the youth. Even if youth is trapped in a bunch of bad-ass old school mothertruckers that hate their day jobs and have nothing better to do than add more bone spurs to their necks, or the kids that still need zit medication. The truly youthful need a revised syllabus in musical education and P.N.D. are here to ring your bell and announce that class is now in session!
The history of this band is short, but the history of its individual members is long and tedious. PASADENA NAPALM DIVISION’s musical pedigree is impressive, to say the least, and their effect on an audience is undeniable. Years of slugging it out in the trenches has built scars on this band that help them bring a reality check to what is the present reality. P.N.D.’s songs are serious, ridiculous and often sublime. But understand this, P.N.D. fuckin’ means it, and that in itself is worth its weight in aluminum. What you have with P.N.D. is a group of seasoned pros that have nothing better to do than drop a big effin’ F-bomb of old school in your city while drinking all the beer in your fridge! You have been forewarned.


7 Song Demo!


KPFT Houston
KTRU Houston
101X Austin

Set List

45 Minute Set
All Original

1 Spell It Out
2 100 Beers With A Zombie
3 Failure
4 Non Ti Amo
5 Speaking In Tongues
6 Silent Spring
7 Bleach Blond
8. Terror Cell
9 Okra
10 Dreamland