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This explosive mix of consious lyricism blended with infectious riddims will make you question the world around you. Carefully written rhymes wrapped around politics and an insightful philosophical look at life will take you on a journey. Welcome yourself to the world of Pascal.


Musical, intelligent, insightful, and humbling. The world viewed through the eyes of Pascal Depaz will twist and twirl within your souls. Seamlessly Pascal melds the vast world into his rhymes, while allowing us to peer into his heart. He strives on living a meaningful life, which emanates through his words.

Raised by a single mother who was active in the Civil Rights Movement as well as many other political and social issues it is no wonder why Pascal has become such an outspoken artist. Truth, love and fear are all elements that create his unique delivery.

Clearly stepping away from pop music. Pascal is by far one of the more provocative young artists emerging from the Bay Area. Planting musical seeds harvested from Golden Age Hip Hop. His music is infused with infectious Dancehall rhythms, and is inspired by the political awareness of Reggae music.

He has ripped Mics from Cali to NY, as well as New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand. Pascal’s passion shines through in his live performances. His music is currently played throughout the world without ever releasing an album. Demos have been requested from fans from all corners of the world. He has worked alongside multi platinum artists, DMC champion DJs, performed on radio shows, and still remains relatively unknown in his own backyard.

Pascal’s fans around the world eagerly await an album from this exceptional artist.