Pascale Picard

Pascale Picard


With Punk in her bones and swathed in Folk, Pascale Picard has written songs that mould perfectly to her often rebellion-edged and Rock-tinged voice.


Pascale Picard is at the centre of a whirlwind - the young collective she plays with. There’s no escaping the effect of her music; it’ll reach out and grab you from the very first note. With Punk in her bones and swathed in Folk, Pascale Picard has written songs that mould perfectly to her often rebellion-edged and Rock-tinged voice.
Winter 2007 is set to be something of a milestone in the development of this young artist. Pascale Picard will be releasing her first record, a textured progression of 13 titles with shades of alternative pop. With the support of wonderfully talented musicians, this recording is sure to resonate far and wide!


Gate 22

Written By: Pascale Picard

I won’t try to argue now
Anyway I feel there’s nothing I could say
To ease your mind
Maybe there’s nothing exciting outside
But ‘round here I’m just wasting my time
Spinning ‘round on nothing new
When I close my eyes I remember that kiss
I’d rather keep them wide open
& if I miss that train do you really think
That even here, I’d be closer to you

So here I am leaving soon and
I’m standing at gate 22
‘Cause whatever you may think I forgot
You know I’m still thinking about it
Sometimes I wish I could stay
But no matter where I go, no matter how long
You know I’ll keep hanging on. Sweet memories
I’m leaving but my mind will stay
At gate 22

There’s too many dreams I must chase down
Though sometimes I bite off more than I can chew
I know you’d like to keep me near
I know it’s easier to be two
But I can’t plan my life all around you
I’m weaker than I’ll let you know
So don’t ask me to jump this wall
From here it looks too tall
Two people kissing goodbye facing a door
A classic picture we’re all tired of

So here I am...

I already see the picture of that day
When you’ll say that you’ll wait for me
And I’ll pretend just then to believe you
I’ll send you postcards for a few weeks and then
Another perfect moment at the wrong time
But the timing is always wrong

So here I am...

That is the Matter

Written By: Pascale Picard

Watching my favorite reality show
Waiting for the commercial to get another Diet Pepsi
I got 5 minutes between two programs, so I’m already wearing my coat
The musical theme starts and I’m running to the grocery
Buying my lottery, saying to the cashier,
I’d better be lucky ‘cause the government steals all my money

My teenagers are doing drugs and my baby girl wears thongs
I called 3 or 4 times to the open lines to give my point of view about it
I also thought about writing a letter to the prime minister
He has to know that our kids are out of hand because of rap music
And movies ‘cause if they are violent it’s all their fault
They’re too young to tell the difference between fiction & reality

And I don’t really remember the day I fell down in the hole
But watch me trying to get out of it by digging deeper

They’re trying to sell us a beer that’s 99% water
The weather is too cold and we pay that with our taxes

Let's have a drink

Written By: Pascale Picard

Let’s have a drink
At least find a place to sit
How I enjoy these times
My mind locked on your lips
I’m still listening
I’m just a little out of it
Who’s that man?
Why did he turn the neon on?

99 messages on your voice-mail
No call-back
My heart nailed to your locked door but
Still no news
Ok, so you’re gone
Leave my womb... figured it all out...
Can’t take my eyes off that phone
Remove this ghost behind my back

I saw your girlfriend a few days ago
Pieces of you in my arms
Her salty tears running down my cheek
A taste of guilt left on my lips
My whole body would have all given up
For that touch
But what I kept secret
There’s just no need to regret


The first single for radio play, Gate 22, is now serviced along with a video to support the upcoming National release of the full-length album 'me, myself and us' / coming out Winter 2007.

As of today (mid-October), barely six weeks after its launch, Gate 22 gets lots of exposure in the 29th spot on the TOP 50 Correspondants (English). Much More Music have recently added the video, filmed in Alberta earlier this summer.

Set List

Compositions :

- Unconscious liar
- That is the matter
- Gate 22 (1er extrait radio)
- Thinking of it
- When at the end
- Annoying
- Let’s have a drink
- A while
- Useless

Covers :

- Alanis Morissette ► Hand in my Pocket
- Ani Di Franco ► Gravel
- Ben Harper ► Another Lonely Day
- Ben Harper ► Steal my Kisses
- Blink 182 ► Dammit
- Depeche Mode ► Enjoy the Silence
- George Michael ► Faith
- Jewel ► Who Will Save your Soul?
- Nancy Sinatra ► These Boots
- Propagandhi ► Fuck Religion
- Radiohead ► High & Dry
- Sublime ► Same in the End
- Sublime ► Santaria
- Sublime ► What I Got
- Tracy Bonham ► Mother, Mother
- The Cranberries ► Zombie
- Weezer ► Say it ain’t so