Jump Me Martha

Jump Me Martha


We love to swing! We do covers from the standards catalog, but our originals sound like classics from the ‘40s with contemporary lyrics. We call our music "swing noir". Suzanne's vocals are warm/sweet/rough...Tommy's piano is a sweating, pounding boogie-woogie.


We believe in lyrics that tell stories, vocals that are real, and arrangements that are interesting, creative and tight. We love all kinds of music, and many genres creep into our songs, but we mostly sound like a small "big band" that loves to swing!


Tea & Sympathy

Written By: Suzanne Paschall

My man don’t want me like he did before
He’s changed the lock on his heart
Now my key don’t fit no more
I look through my tears and all I got

Tea and sympathy
I’d like to buy it, don’t want it for free
I have a need for you to pity me
Just for a little while, can’t you see?

My man used to hug and kiss
Used to take me on rainbow rides
Now all I got is time to reminisce and
Find me a way to trade my pride


I try to go forward, no lookin back
But when I start toward the telephone
I need some diversion to get me on track
And you’re just the man to take me home


Ooooh, I’m such a sorry sight….
How ‘bout a little tea for two?

Sugar Daddy Romp

Written By: S. Paschall/T. Dahl

He won me like a game of five-card poker
In that regard he was a stud
When he wrapped his hundred dollar bills around me
Well you gotta know, baby, it was love.

I love my big sugar daddy, call him “Sir” if you please
His feduciary powers make me weak in the knees
You might think that I’m shallow, but I swear it ain’t my fault
Cuz my su-hu-gu-hur daddy’s got my heart locked in his vault.

His wallet is thick around the middle
His bank account is very old
But slim and trim and young, my darlin
Won’t keep me warm when I’m out in the cold.


I’ll be loyal, true and willing to meet his desires
Be sure that his investment makes a profit transpire
And we can name that asset after dad
We’ll call him Sugar Daddy Junior
The Second…

and we will be a both
high yield and a growth

CHORUS + repeat last line

Fragile Heart

Written By: S. Paschall/T. Dahl

Standin out in front of the china shop
Waitin for the bus to pull over and stop
Come around the corner before I fall apart
Listen to the beat of my fragile heart

The coat I wrap around me is wearin thin
There’s noone at your door to let me in
The silence is so big that you can finally start
To listen to the drumbeat of my fragile heart

Fragile, crackin at the center
Fragile, breakin down
Fragile, waitin for the answer
I better take my fragile heart on back to town

The weather’s gettin stormy the sky is getting black
It’s only your sweet words that I lack
This waiting that I’m doing has become an art
Standin in the rain with my fragile heart

Person of Interest

Written By: Suzanne Paschall


That girl is a person of interest to me
That boy is a person of interest to me
That person is someone I would like to see.

v.1 (guy)
Spied her at the nightclub, she didn’t speak a work
Spied her at the nightclub, no one there had heard of her
Not a thing about her.

v.2 (gal)
He might be a felony waiting to occur
He might be a felony waiting to occur
He could steal my heart away for sure.

v.3 (guy)
I need a tip, I need a lead, or I can’t bring her in
Some kind a tip, a real good lead to bring her right on in (if she)
Gets away with it, it will be a sin.

v.4 (gal)
He might cry (guy: you tricked me!) but he won’t have a case
He might cry (guy: you tricked me!) but he won’t have a case
His guilt will show all over his pretty face.


v.5. (guy)
Underneath those hot hot lights, I will interrogate
Underneath those bright hot lights, I will interrogate
Never met a villainess I couldn’t break.

v.6 (gal)
Judge will say (guy: you’re busted), her heart ain’t worth a dime
Judge will say (guy: you’re busted), her heart ain’t worth a dime
You did the crime, now buddy you’ll DO THE TIME!

CHORUS (x 2 and out)

Go Fat Daddy

Written By: S. Paschall/T. Dahl

Billboards screamin all over town, got to be thin to be getting down
But I don’t go for all that stuff, me and my man like to beef it up…
Go fat daddy, go fat daddy, go fat daddy, you’re big mama wants to swing with you.

I got boobs and I got hips. I got a pair a big ol lips
I got lots to leave behind…you say I’m plump, you’re bein kind
Go fat daddy, go fat daddy, go fat daddy, you’re big mama wants to swing with you.

Girls have fun with yo skinny boys, jump up and down, make a lotta noise
Boys find girls as thin as a rake, but us, we’ll grab as much as we can take
So, Go fat daddy, go fat daddy, go fat daddy, you’re big mama wants to swing with you.

My man’s had a beer or two, bites off more than he can chew
Don’t fit into no Speedo suit, won’t be caught dead eatin veggies and fruit
Go fat daddy, go fat daddy, go fat daddy, you’re big mama wants to swing with you.

You might think we’re over the top, larger than life, gotta drop
but we can’t make this huge love stop – I’m his sweet patata, he’s my sugar pop
Go fat daddy, go fat daddy, go fat daddy, you’re big mama wants to swing with you.



Maybe I'm Crazy

Written By: S. Paschall/T. Dahl

I was a traveler along a road
Strangers passed me by
Alone was not the worst place to me
but there were still, still days that I cried
For no reason that I could see
Other than there was no one
For so long that my heart grew tired then I found
I found my someone

I’m falling hard and there’s no net
No parachute, no rescue and yet
I know I love you, maybe I’m crazy
But I do.

My life before you, incomplete
My way of coping was to hide away
My drink of choice, whiskey neat
My pain, my pain to drown away.
But now my darling, I have grown strong, strong from the
Love, the love in your eyes
When you came along
You were such a surprise



I know I love you, maybe I’m crazy
I know I love you, maybe I’m crazy
But I do…maybe I’m crazy

Shades of Blue

Written By: Suzanne Paschall/Tom Dahl

Shades of Blue
©2005 S. Paschall/T. Dahl

I used to see all colors of the rainbow
That was before I met you.
Used to see emerald and vermilion
A million hues that I could choose.
Now I see nothing but shades of blue…

Indigo for when I’m lonely
Cyan’s when I’m cryin for you
Periwinkle when I think a you and your sweet smile
Turquoise for the boys I say no, no to.

Teal is how I feel when you’re away from me
Sky blue is when you return
Midnight’s all right when we are lovin
And true is the blue of the flame that burns.

No room for the green of envy
Jealousy just isn’t our style
Angry reds don’t go to bed when we do
We’re wrapped in baby blue blankets all the while.

v. 3
while I’m on the subject…
of the blues that you do
if I haven’t told you, it’s overdue
So there’s no way that you can misconstrue
I’m all for shades of blue

I’m all for shades of blue
I’m all for shades of blue.

Cuppa JOe

Written By: Suzanne Paschall

sad that you are leaving, know you gotta go
too bad we won’t be chattin down at Ray’s Café no more
the talks we used to have brought comfort to my soul
would ya have another cuppa joe?

drag me out of trouble when I put on a show
pull me out from under my own undertow
defend my drowning honour even though
it’s dying in the bottom of cuppa joe.

life of the party, partied with my life
you pleaded with me mighty but I couldn’t make it right
I know you have the answer, tell me so I know
Who’s the beggar now, gimme cuppa joe.

Eastern sun comes soon its glow is low and bright
Through grimy pain it shines on this morning after life
Love takes many forms I reap the seeds I sow
You walk away I seek salvation in cuppa joe.
Cuppa joe.


"Fragile Heart" - EP (Mar 03)
"Life Sentences" - LP (Jun 04)
"Go Fat Daddy" - LP (release scheduled 5/08)
tracks all available at CD Baby or Web Site.

Set List

We do a combination of swing/jazz popular standards and our original tunes in blues and jazz standards tradition. We can do three 45-50 minute sets.
Typical covers include the Nat King Cole catalog, many of the tunes repopularized by Diana Krall, Tony Bennett, Etta James, Patsy Cline and others. Some examples include Hit That Jive Jack, Errand Girl for Rhythm, She's Got You; Straighten Up and Fly Right, etc.
Clips of all our original tunes can be heard on our web site in the Music Library, or on our CD Baby or MySpace sites.