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"Washington Post"

Get ready for the greatest sentence ever written in English: "We are on the Mary-Kate and Ashley web site for a battle of the bands. Please vote for us!!" The "we" being Fredericksburg indie-rockers Pash, who play D.C. on Sunday and who in no way resemble the bubblegum pop one would expect fans of the Olsen Twins get giddy about.

So how did this cosmic improbability occur? Pash...
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Pash - one of the hardest-working and goddamn sweetest bands I've had the pleasure of knowing - are pretty much the reason this great night of music came together. When they came through NYC on their way back to native DC/Richmond after recording their soon to be dropped debut in upstate NY, they played a show at Lit that I had the misfortune of missing. But the eyewitness accounts of that show were so glowing and the demo they gave me so impressive, I decided that I had to get them back up here by hook or by crook or hell, book a show of my own, which turned out to evolve into a real life mix tape of sugary pop sweetness.

As the inspiration for said show, Pash certainly didn't disappoint - bringing a high-energy youthful and daresay innocent exuberance to our normally decidedly jaded existences. Lead singer Meredith and lead guitarist Erik play with the kind of aplomb and joy that I only see these days in college kids and hippies. In fact the whole band just exudes this type of wide-eyed wonder that ought to serve as a reminder that life can be OK outside of cigarettes and alcohol. Oh yeah - their songs are pretty damn good and smile-bringing as well - consisting of glorious post-emo fuzzy guitar work, solid pop beats, and Meredith's just on the higher side of Velocity Girl-esque vocals.

10/12/2003 - Sin-e Live Show Review - jasper coolidge

" review 2"

What gives Pash a chance in this era where not too many bands are playing this kind of music is an infectious enthusiasm reminiscent of contemporaries WSC, Kinetic, and soon-to-be show mates Tilly and the Wall. And yeah, there are probably tons of bands that we've never even heard of doing a similar think in podunk towns all over the country and world, but Pash has emerged into the here and now, and are ready to make their mark.

1.8.2004 Siberia live show review - jasper Coolidge

"the way it should be"

Pash: the way indie rock should be.

4.6.04 Mary Worrell - Mace and Crown paper.


pash is a great reminder of what we loved about indie rock.

review of self-released "Cosmo EP" - Lio Cerizio


Comp- "Down" released november 2005 EXF
H.I.P.S Benefit Compilation featuring Murder by Death, Mates of State, Mirah.
single - 1000 Cranes off of Kinwood LP
Ep- self-released "Cosmo EP"
LPs- Kingwood LP 2005 EXF

radio play at colleges throughout the east coast.
radio play in Italy, Portugal, Japan, England.
tracks online at:



“Solid reminder of what we used to adore about indie pop.” (

In 2005, Exotic Fever Records released the first full length effort from a young band out of Fredericksburg, VA called Pash. Two years later Pash are back with another record and, although their youthfulness still shines through, “The Best Gun” reveals a group of musician who have grown significantly as songwriters.

Pash elected to go into the studio again with DC’s own Jason Caddell (The Dismemberment Plan) and came back with eleven stunning new tracks. Recorded at Inner Ear Studios, “The Best Gun” is indie pop perfection in its purest form. Pash manages to channel the best of ‘90’s pop heros like Velocity Girl and Belly (see tracks #2 and #10) while at the same time
conjuring the likes of late Richmond DIY superstars Marion Delgado and Flashbulb Memory (see track #9).

Singer Merideth Munoz’s vocal and lyric-writing talent has always been undeniable, but, on this latest recording, her development as a musician is simply astounding. Never timid, Munoz’s vocal lines are clean and strong, her lyrics both subtle and forward. Lead guitarist Erik Bruner-Yang delivers impressive and complex melodies that turn on a dime. New bassist Ryan McLaughlin provides the solid underpinning demanded of him without writing boring, non-descript parts and drummer Jon Bibb is as spot-on as ever,
displaying his ability to play sparsely when the song calls for it whle taking advantage of moments to show off his incredible ability.

Pash are one of the most exciting and hardworking bands playing in the east coast right now. They will tour much of the US throughout the summer and fall of 2007.

Pash have shared the stage with many national acts such as: Be Your Own Pet, Tilly and the Wall, The Comas, Rainer Maria, Denail, Travis Morrison and the Hell Fighters, The Muffs, Beauty Pill, Joe Lally of Fugazi, Georgie James, and the Appleseed Cast