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Pasha Morena

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I write hits. Plain and simple. A songwriting chameleon, ready to put your emotions in tune. If you need a hook, verse, or a whole song, I am the one for you. Let's make some magic together.

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Written By: Pasha Morena

A heart of love, of trust, of us
you lit the match and burn it must
I told you once...I told you twice
Yes, I want you in my life.
To just please you, my only goal
I'll try...I put that on my soul.
They ask me what it is I see
I'll tell them it's those simple things.


Its the walk that makes me run to you
and its the stare that keeps me watching you
its the smile that steers me by your side
and its the eyes that got me hypnotized.

Verse 2

Sometimes they catch me staring
They notice, but I'm not caring
but if you walk by one more time
(you are so fine)
and if you give me one small chance
I'll show you true romance
Baby, its love thats on my mind
and its in your beautiful eyez.



You and me
you know that makes us
emotions a must
I'm learning to trust
I'm thinking of you, constantly you, totally you, its always you.
You're taking my hand and making me stand, you're holding my hand now, I understand
that I'm kinda like them, but different from them
you make me femme and treat me like kin

and its your eyes...its gotta be your eyes
that peirced thru my soul, looked past the disguises.
Its your eyes, always been your eyes that made me lool deep within and find the truth that's inside.


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