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Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF

Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF
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"Passalacqua, Detroit Hip Hop Duo, Debuts 'Been A Minute' Video"

In a new music video Passalacqua shows off their Metro Detroit roots with nods to Faygo and 5 E Gallery, as well as an enviable day-in-the-life of the good-natured hip-hop duo. - HuffPost Detroit

"Detroit rappers aim to cast a new vision of the Motor City"

Not only do these guys have a strong desire to be entertaining, they also want to show their beleaguered home territory in an upbeat light...Passalacqua wants to make an impression on audiences and give them another view of where they came from. - Raleigh Observer

"ZMX 6.21.12"

More revue than re-mix, this Detroit hip-hop duo proves just how many heads they’ve turned and hearts they’ve won thus far by dint of the impressive local contemporaries from a range of genres/styles that have lined up to flip, flare and fry up the batch of funky summertime jams they put out eight months ago. - Metro Times

"Passalacqua: Detroit Hip-Hop Heads South and East"

After several years of great shows & building a fan base in Detroit, the team of “Mister” and “The Blaksmith” will be infecting folks south and east of the Motor City with their laidback style and a touch of humor.

Although funny at times...Passalacqua hits some hard topics on their albums. For example, “Ms. Washington (Bridge Card Hustle)” on “Zebehazy Summer” features a smooth flow and tasty beat with a female vocal chorus on the topic of welfare fraud and trying to make it day-to-day. Other tracks like “Sunset City” offer odes to the Motor City. Because, you’ll learn quickly, these cats are steeped in Detroit and wear it proudly. - Commodore Crush

"Weave 'Em Together As One"

Their cuts thrive on subtler grooves while their words thrive on introspection...the two passionate wordsmiths mesh their own musical and personal philosophies via traded verses, set to driving beats and demure, yet dazzling soul and funk samples. - Real Detroit Weekly

"Best Local Songwriters (2012)"

Despite their nimble turns of phrase, the duo's lyrics are often quiet character studies matching their mellow old-school sound. The pair also take a "go with the flow" approach onstage, and seeing them do this stuff on the fly is sometimes even more impressive. - Real Detroit Weekly

"Music Blahg: Passalacqua"

This collaboration started with a casual “let’s see where this goes-”-mindset between the pair who’d recently reconnected after a decade, the mid-20-something writer/rappers find themselves pivoting between rising interest from both the hip/hop and indie-rock scene’s alike. - Metro Times

"Live @ The Magic Stick [12/9/2011]"

Composed of two individuals – Blaksmith and Mister – but backed by a collection of beautiful and talented female singers, Passalacqua are a unique group that bridges the gap between modern hip-hop and indie music. - Stereo/Pirate

"MCRTV - Passalacqua"

MCRTV finally finds a band that does its own stunts! Passalacqua rhymes fast enough to leave you hospitalized. That’s Mister and Blacksmith, and they’re on the roof of North End Studios with Tom Waits and Bootsy Collins! - Motor City Rocks

"Passalacqua - EP Review"

What happens when two Michigan-based emcees come together, eat Little Caesar's Hot-N-Ready pizzas, drink Miller High Life. wear masks of Tom Waits and Bootsy Collins and then decide to make some music? - Rap Reviews

"Passalacqua - EP Review"

Passalacqua is simply a different release. It is one that I could sit and analyze for hours and still not come up with the perfect combination of words to describe it. But I will try:

It is poetry in motion. Musically and lyrically this is a journey that has no definite end. It is an enjoyable listen from start to finish and I can easily recommend it to anyone. My only hope is that this is not a one trip deal for these individuals. - Hip Hop Dependency


- Passalacqua EP (2011)
- "Words With Friends" single (2011)
- Zebehazy Summer (2011)
- "A Very Frugal Xmas" single (2011)
- "Dead Fish Eyes" single (2012)
- Zebehazy Summer: ZMX (2012)



Mergence – in the tradition of Mos Def and Talib Kweli’s masterful balancing of respective rap signatures, Detroit-based MC’s Mister and Blaksmith have symbiotically stitched together keen, canny rhymes that vary in shades, inflected their own personal influences, but wrapped and worn gracefully together upon the same provocative quilt.

The dynamic meshing of their respective styles (a blend of old school hip-hop, East Coast rap and the murkier underground) is galvanized by their inventive live presentations, conceptual, theatrical, almost performance art; altogether curious and highly engaging. Audiences often exclaim that the allure is that one doesn’t know what they’ll do next. That’s what distinguishes Passalacqua; “Let the rap be the constant,” Blaksmith said, “everything else is whatever.”

Cathartic, rejuvenating, and a portrait of two lives, two separate trails of influence, two burgeoning writers’ minds in the ever shifting hip-hop realm, merging. Dense, agile wordplay atop strutting night-drive grooves and subtle flares of funk, soul & Motown.