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São Paulo, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 2018

São Paulo, Brazil
Established on Jan, 2018
Band World Jazz




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Pra viagem (2012)
Navegante (2016)

Unwritable (2017)

Bilis Negra (2018)



PASSARIM 30 is a reunion of four Brazilian musicians and songwriters who share a love for Brazilian music, specially the bossa nova of Antonio Carlos Jobim and João Gilberto.

The project started when they got together to study and perform versions of the songs from Jobim's first gold album Passarim, which completed 30 years of its release in 2017.
 From São Paulo's intense indie music scene, artists João Leão, Tika, Kika and Igor Caracas carefully adapted the album's original vocal and orchestral arrangements into a reduced formation with unique style, arriving at a renewed bossa nova vibe with vocal harmonizations, electric guitars, synths and a touch of psychedelia. The project has showcased with great success in several jazz venues and theaters in and around São Paulo (Brazil) throughout 2017 and 2018.

Each member of the quartet has their own solo project and frequently collaborate with each other in compositions and performances. This naturally led to new songs being added to the show, blending them with the style that they managed to develop together. By mid 2018 the group decided to come up with a new show that would unite some of their solo projects' compositions and lead to new original songs.



Musician and producer JOÃO LEÃO has been active in São Paulo's independent music scene since 2009. As a keyboardist he has collaborated in over 30 albums from artists all around Brazil, performed and recorded in several shows and TV programs. Since 2016 Leão tours with Brazilian singer Céu, a major act who has participated in several main festivals in Europe and North America, including the Montreal Jazz Festival and Rock in Rio. In 2018 Leão co-produced and released his first solo album Bilis Negra singing some original compositions from friends he made during his musical experience. The artist has recently moved to Toronto, Canada, to further his musical network and career, having participated on the recording of Brazilian composer Bruno Capinan's latest album at Union Sound Company Studios (Toronto).

Musician, singer and songwriter TIKA produced her first solo album Unwritable in 2017, released by independent label YB Music (São Paulo, Brazil). Her music reflects a sensitive and feminine soul, with compositions rooted on the bossa nova style and collaborations with several important new Brazilian musicians and composers like Otto, Rodrigo Campos and Romulo Fróes. This album led her to several important venues and TV programs in São Paulo, and the artist now experiments with a solo act using just an electric guitar and effects.

Singer and songwriter KIKA released her first album "Pra Viagem" in 2012 and her second album "Navegante" in 2016, both of them produced by talented New Yorker bassist and producer Victor Rice, famous for his work with dub and ska since the early 1990's. Her sound can be described as Brazilian music with beatlemaniac vocal harmonizations over Jamaican beats and textures. Her first album led her to several important TV and radio shows in Brazil. Kika also collaborates with several important independent artists, as well as working with theatre and musical education.

Percussionist, drummer and songwriter IGOR CARACAS was born in the northeast region of Brazil, which breeds a rich variety of musical genres. Having studied in Barcelona and São Paulo, Igor explores his musicality from different folkloric manifestations from Brazil and its Latin, African and Arabic influences, participating in several projects over the past years ranging from the most roots folk music to rock, indie and contemporary groups. The artist also collaborates in songwriting with several independent artists and prepares for 2019 the debut of a solo album based on his own compositions.

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