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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | INDIE

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop




"Passed Up New Release "New Shh""

The year of 2010 has treated Passed Up rather well, with the duo receiving some major hometown love in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only were they voted Best Local Hip-Hop Act by Las Vegas Weekly Magazine, but they also took home a 2010 Black American Music Award for Best Rap Group. Propelled by these accolades, Mexican Mike and Tate entered 2011 determined to show and prove in other states what their Las Vegas fan base is already hip to. The single “New Shh” makes for a proper introduction to Passed Up, featuring bottom-heavy bass that will make rump shakers on both coasts respond.

The production is minimal in approach, dominated by a subwoofer-shaking rumble and crunchy handclaps. Elastic analog effects bounce and sonar tones reverberate in the mix as Mike and Tate wax poetic on fashion protocol and the best ways to stay fly (“I don’t wear my jeans like that no more, man / I wear my jeans like this”). Causing envy from the guys and getting adored by the females, both exude a cool demeanor in vocal style and lyrical flow, especially while spitting lines like “I’m so first class, didn’t have to take a flight.” Topically, it doesn’t go any further than that and honestly, it doesn’t have to. The groove demands that you shake it on the floor while dressed to impress and club kids will do exactly that the moment the bass drops from the speakers. The jam is a no-brainer for any club DJ worth their salt.

It’s never easy for regional talent to get a taste of national (or international) recognition, but a cut like “New Shh” could turn new fans on to Passed Up. Should such a fate befall Mike and Tate, hopefully the world is ready to hear the beats and rhymes stylishly served up from this talented duo.

Review by Jason Randall Smith
Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)
- Reveiw By: Jason Randall Smith


Just when you think that you know Hip-Hop and you think you've heard it all....I would like to introduce you to the two man Hip-Hop duo, Jahma Records artists Passed-Up, featuring Tate and Mexican Mike. BreakThru actually had a chance to sit down and interview this group, so make sure you check out the exclusive interview and video!

So let's talk about the EP “The September Project” which is their first official project after releasing the compilation mix tape “Force To Be Reckoned With”, this group coming straight out of Idaho wants to make sure that Vegas does not pass them up and please don't let where they hail from fool you.

“The September Project” delivers six tracks which range from party bangers that get the crowd on their feet, like the track “We're Here” to a humorous outlook on life as they describe scenarios we all can relate to on the track “Used To”.

This CD is a fresh approach to Hip-Hop, with more than enough hard core flows, more than enough hustle flows out there, Passed-Up can take us to a different level in which we can remember it's okay to “stop and chill” as they remind us on the track “House Party”.

Mexican Mike and Tate blend well together over tracks produce by the group member Tate, and you can clearly hear the 10 years of fine tuning these fellas have done to give their listeners a smooth delivery. Passed-Up feels that true Hip-hop is a form of storytelling and they do nothing less but hold true to their beliefs as the tracks allow you to close your eyes and see what's coming out of your speaker box.

“Catch Me in the Rain” gives the group a chance to reach inside and pull out feelings that seem intertwined with confessions and memories of anger and pain. Showing versatility on this track Passed-Up takes you from partying to realizing that after the party life still goes on for all of us.

“Used To” has to be one of the most original tracks on this CD, in which the hook is laced with a television audience laughing and will have you laughing right along as Passed-Up explains how life has changed for them since they went from nothing to...a little bit of something? This track is entertaining to say the least and will definitely put a smile on your face. Check this one out for sure!

And if you want to remember Passed-Up and know who they are when they're in the building performing, all you have to do is listen to the track “We're Here” and automatically the party is started, “When they yell drinks/we yell back we're here/they push and bodyguards yell back/stand clear/we're here to hit the lights/it's hand claps and cheers/then it's hands up/stand up/Passed-Up is here!” Trust and believe when this song is performed it's hard to sit back and ignore the energy coming from the stage.

Passed-Up is an special addition to the Hip-Hop nation and will probably start making more noise in and around the Vegas Hip-Hop scene, so be on the lookout for Mexican Mike & Tate, Passed-Up.

Listen to the uploaded tracks and let Passed-Up know what Vegas thinks...”HANDS UP!” - Break Thru Magazine


Some Singles in 2011:

New Shh
3 Minutes
Catch Me In The Rain
I Heart Nerds
House Party
Watch Me
Point Of No Return

Some Singles in 2010"
Fairy Tale
Were Here
and many more



Hailing from Las Vegas:

Mexican Mike

Born Michael Brez, November 22, 1987, Tucson, Arizona. Michael’s parents divorced at an early age, and afterwards he observed his mother having to work three (3) jobs to take care of her family. After his mother remarried and being 17 years of age, he decided to leave home with a promise to his mother to not drop out of high school. A promise he kept which also created a friendship that is now the hip hop duo known as Passed Up.


Born Patrick Taylor Warnke, September 23, 1987, Caldwell, Idaho. Pat’s parents have been his backbone of support; encouraging him to follow his dreams. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Unlike so many friendships that dissolve after high school graduation; Pat’s promise to Mexican Mike, in reference to the Hip Hop duo continuing again once he had his degree, was a promise that he kept. Tate’s favorite artist is Tech N9ne.

Both members of Passed Up appear to have the same goals and interests, such as:

• Being successful within the entertainment business.
• Pleasing fans and non-fans alike with their performances.
• Playing video games
• South Park

Mexican Mike and Tate met in the hallways of New Plymouth High School in Idaho. It was their love for Hip Hop that bonded the two together. While they were in high school they would Dee Jay parties and create songs.

From these experiences, Mexican Mike and Tate together knew Hip Hop was their musical destiny.
After graduating, the duo temporarily parted paths. Tate went on to college on a baseball scholarship; Mexican Mike moved to Las Vegas.

After Tate graduated college, they reunited to make Las Vegas their home continuing what they had started in high school. The duo quickly started producing Hip Hop songs that were pleasing to the ears and performances that were satisfying to the eyes of Hip Hop fans.

Passed Up was voted Las Vegas Weekly Magazine’s, “2010 VEGAS BEST LOCAL HIP HOP ACT”, as well as being announced the winner of the 2010 Las Vegas “Black American Music Awards” for Best Rap Group.

Their goals for 2011 are to continue producing live performances consisting of coordinated clothing and arm gestures - backwards hats are optional – delivering their songs of lyrics mixed with enjoyable beats and rhythms; and to reach out to additional hip hop fans globally letting them discover and savor their own personal “Passed Up’’ experience.

“We have enjoyed the Love that Las Vegas has given us.” stated Tate. “Now we must take it outside of our home town and see what God has in store for us.” added Mexican Mike.

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