Passed Up

Passed Up

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
BandHip Hop

The difference between Hip Hop and Rap is as thin as a razor blade. Yet, every now and then, a Hip Hop act emerges like a beacon of light, proudly proclaiming its uniqueness and its potential for sparking a musical revolution with songs that are pleasing to the ears of Hip Hop fans everywhere.


Hailing from Las Vegas:

Mexican Mike

Born Michael Brez, November 22, 1987, Tucson, Arizona. Michael’s parents divorced at an early age, and afterwards he observed his mother having to work three (3) jobs to take care of her family. After his mother remarried and being 17 years of age, he decided to leave home with a promise to his mother to not drop out of high school. A promise he kept which also created a friendship that is now the hip hop duo known as Passed Up.


Born Patrick Taylor Warnke, September 23, 1987, Caldwell, Idaho. Pat’s parents have been his backbone of support; encouraging him to follow his dreams. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Unlike so many friendships that dissolve after high school graduation; Pat’s promise to Mexican Mike, in reference to the Hip Hop duo continuing again once he had his degree, was a promise that he kept. Tate’s favorite artist is Tech N9ne.

Both members of Passed Up appear to have the same goals and interests, such as:

• Being successful within the entertainment business.
• Pleasing fans and non-fans alike with their performances.
• Playing video games
• South Park

Mexican Mike and Tate met in the hallways of New Plymouth High School in Idaho. It was their love for Hip Hop that bonded the two together. While they were in high school they would Dee Jay parties and create songs.

From these experiences, Mexican Mike and Tate together knew Hip Hop was their musical destiny.
After graduating, the duo temporarily parted paths. Tate went on to college on a baseball scholarship; Mexican Mike moved to Las Vegas.

After Tate graduated college, they reunited to make Las Vegas their home continuing what they had started in high school. The duo quickly started producing Hip Hop songs that were pleasing to the ears and performances that were satisfying to the eyes of Hip Hop fans.

Passed Up was voted Las Vegas Weekly Magazine’s, “2010 VEGAS BEST LOCAL HIP HOP ACT”, as well as being announced the winner of the 2010 Las Vegas “Black American Music Awards” for Best Rap Group.

Their goals for 2011 are to continue producing live performances consisting of coordinated clothing and arm gestures - backwards hats are optional – delivering their songs of lyrics mixed with enjoyable beats and rhythms; and to reach out to additional hip hop fans globally letting them discover and savor their own personal “Passed Up’’ experience.

“We have enjoyed the Love that Las Vegas has given us.” stated Tate. “Now we must take it outside of our home town and see what God has in store for us.” added Mexican Mike.

Public Relations:
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433 North Camden Drive Suite 400
Beverly Hills, California 90210
(310) 275-9384 Office
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Business Management:


Were Here

Written By: Passed Up

Passed up when they yell drinks
We yell back were here
They push and bodyguards yell back
Stand clear, were here
They hit the lights its hand claps and cheers
Then its hands up stand up passed up is here

(Verse 1)
Ring the bell round one this is our time to shine
Passed Up's here we back for the first time
Say what you want about how we look
We got lines for days like best selling books

Ring the bell round two straight swagger on the track
Sw swagger on a track
Make your team collapse
Snatch your girl off the rack
Is what I’m known to attract
Then I’m onto someone new
What you know about that

We seem to get looks, stares, and glances
Like old people squinting who ain't got there glasses
But they come from our friends, peers, the masses
Cause our beats are just a taste
The line enhances
Was nothing you ever seen like affordable mansions
Owned by broke people like you're watching the Clampets
Say what you want bout MexMike and Tate
You can bring your best lines they're still a day late


(Verse 2)
Straight flow on ridiculous
Wordplay unmatched
With the wit to make you envious
Fear not we are hear
Breathe life into hip hop
Grab the paddles stand clear
Shocked to the top

Shocked till you drop
Like you're pulling something quick like a roommate swap
Yeah that lines hot
Like an internet queen her movie just dropped
Cut to the money scene
Our career just popped

I pop off the handle
Like when I pull out and spray for the mantle
That means we shoot for distance
With a flow that’s consistent
A drive that’s persistent
You really think you got it
Let me tell you what you missing
A vocab that’s extensive
A bad chick with extensions
And knots
Not to mention that my jeans be expensive
Why we get all the attention
Have you checked out the my
Ch check out the MySpace
Were here


House Party

Written By: M. Brez, P. Warnke

Forget the club, and throw a house party
It’s just me and my friends and some nice bodies
We make em stop, we make em cheer
And announce to the party we are here

(Verse 1)
Passed Up, make the house party speakers thump
Not to mention the ones in ya girls trunk
Its Friday hit up Don Juan, where the party at
Let’s go and get some
Stop at my boys my peoples is posted up
As I get a head count on who’s all showing up
Get in touch with the freaks, tell em better be there
Hit up Tate on the celli in the middle of a cheers

See I know how to do it like I'm tying a knot
I learned from the best yeah they taught me a lot
You can say I'm old fashioned cause I hold my own
And I know every game that you play at home
I play circle of death, P-A, to king cup
How many cards you got add those drinks up
Were tipping back bottles lets toast to high class
Forget high class as we raise the glass


(Verse 2)
A couple cups in not feeling a buzz
Took a whiff of something black I don't know what it was
But I'm not really caring I'm just looking around
Turn up the stereo its time to hear the sound
Move from room to room just checking it out
Looking at all the faces that are in the crowd
I see some that I hate and some that I like
But I didn't see one I didn't see Mike

Cause I finally roll up a lil bit late
Props to my people as I pick up a case
On to the kitchen.... pong players
She wants to dance with me
I tell her later
Ma drops it anyways she’s shaking it hard
Then she walks away...ok!
I tag along, 2 more songs
And we chillin on the couch
Ma’s grindin really hard
Tryna turn your boy out!


(Verse 3)
I raise up off the cot
Ma’s got your legs up
Her friends at the door
I say fix your make up
Back to the dance floor
Tate's still sipping
Toast everybody
Lets get these bottles clinking

Got my drink in my hand
And a square in my mouth
I can feel it creeping up so I sit on the couch
Mike's spitting lines another girls been played
The crowds thinning out it must be late

So I step outside
Somebody yells fight
Chickens start screaming
He’s knocking out his lights
Scuffle on the porch
Scratched and bruised limbs
Those start talking, like who invited him

Things calm down its all flowing again
People playing games and they in it to win
This parties pretty cracking for a Friday night
Lets do this tomorrow about the same time


Catch Me in the Rain

Written By: Passed Up

(Verse 1)
As I walk hoodied up
Down the street in the rain
With these old memories
Like ghosts in my brain
Where I been where I stayed
The house I felt betrayed
As the feelings build up
I let the rain wash them away

But I still ain't clean
I force myself to hold inside
Gotta smile never cry even when my grandpa died
I felt the pain I held my breath
Felt the pressure on my chest
As I scream to the sky as I try to confess

Catch me in the rain
Put my hands out
To catch your tears
Off the window pain
I left, I never left
Hold your breath
Close your eyes
Think of me by your side
With your hands out wide
As you catch me in the rain

(Verse 2)
No regrets you were my friends
I'd do it all over again
Or when I left her with tears
Cause I wasn’t man enough
To face my fears

When I sat beside you and lied
Couldn’t console you so you cried
Got angry when you tried
To this day I'll still deny

Came home
You said she left you
And you wanted to die
And tried look me in the eyes
I’m not what you want
Your silence says goodbye

Making up excuses again
It’s worthless to be your friend
I'll catch you in the end before the sun shines again


(Verse 3)

I struggled this far I see the break in the clouds
No more screaming out loud
Oh god, what now
My path is getting clearer the muddy water is bitter
I'm prepared for the storms that you bring with this weather

End the walk as the rain falls down all around me
It’s not enough to drown me, I’m so glad that you found me
And I found you, even if I’m not beside you
Close your eyes look within as the rain
Dances off your skin


New Shh

Written By: M. Brez, P. Warnke

I don't wear my jeans like that no more man/
I wear my jeans like this, like this/
I don't sport my kicks like that no more man/
I sport my kicks like this, like this/
I don't rock my hat like that no more man/
I rock my hat like this, like this/
Passed Up, and if you ain't know/
We rip the mic like this, like this/
We on that New Shh, new shh, new shh, new shh, new shh We on that New Shh, new shh, new shh, new shh, new shh

Verse 1
Pants below my waist, legs covered in denim. Double X tee, don’t wear fine linen. All black kicks with all black laces, girls looking good look for panty line traces. Don’t need to do it like that (like that). Tilt my hat to the side, not back, not frat. Sometimes you’ll catch me in my white boy clothes. Top gun shades without a Scott Storch fro.

Jet black dickies, creased up/
A lil white tee stuck to me, locced up/
Rocking skater shoes , with the clean white laces/
Wallet kinda lonely, so I stuffed it with faces/
All black belt, match the band on the watch/
And we off that bling, different plans for the gwop/
Swag so official, got you stuck on pist/
Makes you hate even harder, when I look like this/
Take a...


Verse 2
Just like Jay I change clothes for all occasions. Never back pedal, never been persuaded. I can see that you’re talking, see you’re following the fad. If you think you got dollars you can pay my bar tab. everybody looking like what, like what. You can see it in my face, I don’t give a UGH. You can tell I’m on one. It’s been a long night. I’m so first class didn’t have to take a flight.

Japanese blue jeans, all ripped/
Red and blue flannel, with the all white kicks/
Better hold your chick, when I'm in dark denim/
I sport a wrist band, case your girl wanna sweat him/
No skinny jeans, and no ice creams/
Not really hatin, it just ain't my thing/
Ima do me, and you do you/
They still on that, then this is what you do/


Stack That Cheese

Written By: M. Brez, P. Warnke

Guess who's back on they money making grind/
Guess who's back on they money making grind/
Guess who's back on they money making grind/
With screwed up hook, with a screwed up hook/
Guess who's back on they money making grind/
Guess who's back on they money making grind/
With screwed up hook, with a screwed up hook,
With a screwed up hook that said Stack That Cheese!

Verse 1
I walk the line cause I always gotta hustle hard. I run with rhymes so my beats are my blocking gaurds. My nine to five is pushing keys on flat screens. I write in code so no body can follow me. Rubber band bank roll, my pockets keep getting fatter. Im futurama, call my credit cards dark matter. So look at me and see im just a space cruiser. No wonder we is under most independent bruiser.

Pass the paper, like I'm next in class/
And I did my homework, so you know that I get it fast/
I bully the nerd, with the braces and the acne/
In the future, his retainer is protecting the cash for me

Never use to bully, never use to pick fights. Keep my guard up I can see that im in your sights. Ill never run I’ll stay posted like a street light. You can find me in the club, I glow under black lights.


Verse 2
Passed Up MexMike, back with the pen and pad/
Tired of my 9 to 5, not on a smash and grab/
Rhyme out my mind, so I blow her brains out/
Stash the cash in her cranium, and pump her til she pass out/
Catch me in the fast route, to get them pockets paid/
Is she checking for my paper, or just tryina get laid/
Tell her Passed Up, hands up, off with the halter top/
Paper over dimes, man you'll never see my hustle stop/

Okay Okay, you can see that I’m living large. My grind my hustle is what makes me the star I are. Im on some other, on some other like im Michael cool. I kill the others, kill the others like a through and through.

"Dumb It Down", cause now, all she thinks about is paper/
Printer chick, that moves her hips, "Hi-Definition" like the "Lasers"/
To the sounds of "My Instrumental", "Hip Hop Saved My Life" so/
Brain and Penny's, all I think about, so "Go Go Gadget Flow"!/


I <3 Nerd (I Heart Nerd)

Written By: M. Brez, P. Warnke

Verse 1
Yeah baby I'm a nerd for fashion/
Ima nerd for action, I'm a nerd for your back end/
just tryna get in to your college/
Get a lil brains, get a lil knowledge/
on my iPhone 4g rhyme/
No Wifi, *pff* I'll jail break the FaceTime/
Get a life!? I'm high ranking death knight/
W.O.W!! and I'm on it all night!/

Top of my class, bottom of the social list
Head cheerleader, top of the pyramid
Always on the court, selected as the prettiest
Email back in forth no errors in my wysiwyg
Friends don't understand they laugh with every glance
go together better never thought we had a chance.
Staring at her assets, playing with my chess sets
opposites attract go together like magnets

He's a geek, he's a dork, he's a nerd
But she likes me (repeat)

Yeah, yeah baby I'm a nerd for you,
I'm a nerd for you, I'm a nerd for you (repeat)

Verse 2
Last night we made a Mii, its official on the Wii
The two of us together on my brand new Sims 3
She always knows the code, up down plus A B
she won't give me hers, she says I can't cheat

I'm a nerd for my craft, as a matter of fact/
I'm just glad skinny jeans came back/
Ima geek for your contour, mathlete hardcore/
Have you sayin "Brian he knocking at the back door"/

She only plays game when there on my computer
Her favorite is me, I'm her first person shooter
World of Warcraft on those nights were apart
She says she has a quest and it ends with my heart

I'm at the trek con, sportin a stun gun/
Dressed like Captain and looking for fun/
My moms gone, I'm McCully Culkin/
She a ferangie, her grilfriend a Vulcan/

He's a geek, he's a dork, he's a nerd
But she likes me (repeat)

Yeah, yeah baby I'm a nerd for you,
I'm a nerd for you, I'm a nerd for you (repeat)

Verse 3
It's my coke bottle glasses, the AP classes
The fact that I'm an Aqua Teen Hunger Force fanatic
What ever it is, puts the jock on the back burner
Riding with a nerd I'm a teacher she my top learner
Getting some brain, not the way that you thinking though
Her grades went to a C to a 3 point 0
She likes me, kick it harder the Nike's
Have a date on IM eight sharp nightly

You wanna vent girl? I ventrillo/
Wanna watcha movie, ever seen Willow?/
I'm down girl Thundercatz Goo!!/
Macafee your ex, you got a Mac book pro/
I geek out on the dork in you/
through the glasses you geek out on me too/
Revenge of the nerds, death to jocks/
On my geology cause baby I rock/

He's a geek, he's a dork, he's a nerd
But she likes me (repeat)


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I Heart Nerds
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Set List

Ain't No Sunshine
Dance Routine
New Shh
Catch Me in the Rain
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3 Minutes
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It changes according to time limits given to us.