Fort Worth, Texas, USA
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Passenger was originally formed in 1991 as an all original southern soul rock and roll band. From 1991 to 1998, they played an average of 200 shows a year spreading their message of freedom and good times all over the great state of Texas. In 1998, all of the founding members went their separate ways to explore other interests.

In late 2004, two of the original members, Chris Collins and Bear Quisenberry decided it was time to resurrect a new version of Passenger. They were fortunate to meet three kindred spirits to round out the new Passenger. In addition to the new members, there were some other changes as well. Instead of playing only original music, Passenger decided to play predominately classic rock cover songs and only a handful of original songs. However, their song list is not you average list of classic rock songs. While they try to play songs from the important classic rock bands, Passenger tends to play the deeper album cuts as opposed to the usual classic rock hits. And, as always, Passenger puts their personal touch on every song they play.

Since late 2004, Passenger has been playing in some of the best venues Dallas/Fort Worth has to offer leaving each crowd with a memorable experience. Passenger takes you on a wonderful ride from the first soulful note to the unbelievable finale at the end of each show. What are you waiting for? Buy a ticket and come take a ride with Passenger.



Written By: Quisenberry


You can’t see the forest for the trees
You make your living on your knees
Another day….Another dollar
Never thought you could fall so far

Fade Away
Fade Away
You would rather burn out
Than to ever fade away
Fade Away
Fade Away
You would rather burn out
Than to ever fade away

You’ve been fighting that black tar monkey
Once a beauty queen….Now just a junkie
I’ve done all I can to get you back on your feet
You made your choice….now you live on the street

Fade Away
Fade Away
You would rather burn out
Than to ever fade away
Fade away
Fade away
You would rather fade out
Than to ever fade away

Saying your sorry just don’t cut it
You’ve got no choice. It’s the junk and you love it
It’s burned a hole in your sole you just can’t hide
You know it’s the truth…..deep down inside

You were a bright shooting star
Now your arms are covered in scars
Seems to me, you’ve lost your ever loving mind
Keep shooting that shit….and you’re gonna die

Fade Away
Fade Away
You’d rather burn out

Smoke Break

Written By: Collins

Smoke Break

Searchin’ my ever-wanderin’ mind
Wonderin’ where I just might find
Some extra pennies and some extra time
To ease my pain and get me on my way again

Seen the sunrise once again
Hangin’ out late night until the mornin’ begins again
Friendly strangers seem to come and go
They pass me by as they’re lookin’ for more

Its that one thing that I’ve been lookin’ for
But that one thing I don’t know where to go
I need some help to get me on the road
And then the rains came to leave a rainbow halo over me

It don’t cost much to lose your soul
An hour’s pay and you can play the fool
Not knowin’ any faces anywhere you go
can leave you worried, with no place to go anymore

Until you find the one you need
To once again put you on your feet
To find the strength, the strength to deal with the present, you know its gotta’ be real



Passenger/Live at Cody's 1995
Passenger/Free Spirit 2004
Passenger/Live at the White Elephant 2009

Set List

Happy Song
Smoke Break
Shining Star
Kind Life
Story of Soul
Wait Your Turn
Place to Be
Reach for the Sky
Slowest Road
One Clear Moment

Allman Brothers
It’s Not My Cross to Bear
Ain’t Wasting Time No More
Come and Go Blues
Don’t Want You No More
Midnight Rider
One Way Out

Arc Angels
Shape I’m in

the Band
The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down
The Weight

the Beatles
Helter Skelter

the Black Crowes
No Speak No Slave
She Talks To Angels
Sometimes Salvation
Thorn In My Pride

Blind Faith
Can’t Find My Way Home

Bob Seger
Beautiful Loser
Ramblin Gamblin Man
Travelin Man

the Charlie Daniels Band
Long Haired Country Boy

I’m A Man

Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young
Almost Cut My Hair

Back Door Man
LA Woman
Peace Frog
Roadhouse Blues

Eric Clapton

Gov’t Mule
On The Banks Of The Deep End
Rockin Horse

Grand Funk Rail