PASSENGER is moving music. Emotional, sweeping, and melody driven, this band is focused on meaningful lyrics and accessibility to music fans of all styles and ages.


Less than two years after the inception of this heavily Brit-influenced
rock outfit, the boys of PASSENGER are witnessing the successes that only
a few indie bands get to enjoy in such a short timespan. From the Sony
Pictures selection of their music for Dawson's Creek to the
chance to open for major national touring acts such as The French Kicks and
the Trashcan Sinatras, the ride from 2003 to present day is upwards for the
foursome who are anticipating an even more successful 2005.

Initially the brainchild of bassist/pianist Sanjay Jain and guitarist
Gautam Chhada in 2003, the band was finally formed after vocalist Chris
Linnane agreed to break away from his traditional mold as a solo artist to
give the "band idea" a try. Shortly thereafter, drummer Jimmy Hiatt was
recruited to complete the foursome, all of whom continue to be with the band

The rest, as they say, is history.

It's hard to categorize the brand of music that PASSENGER puts out.
Sometimes soft and sometimes aggressive, the core of the band sits in the combined
influences that initially brought them together. Yet, never will you find
them sway away from the soaring and highly emotional vocal styles evident
in every track this band will write. Among the influences PASSENGER cite
are bands that range from Ride to the Stone Roses and Travis.

The release and support of Late Tonight (2003) less than three months after
the formation of the band brought about the intitial fruits of a good,
self-produced EP. The band not only landed soundtrack opportunities through
aggressive licensing requests; these efforts culminated in the selection of
PASSENGER music on the Virgin branded MP3 players released worldwide in
mid-2004. Continued press through

2004 saw an envious touring schedule with venues such as Arlene's Grocery,
the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, Mercury Lounge, Tiswas, and Piano's. The
band was also featured on a radio showcase for KEXP, peforming live on-air
from the Museum of Sound and Television in New York. With over 25 shows
under their belts that year, the band headed back into the studio to record
their sophomore EP Better Days, released in mid 2004.

The band continues to work harder than ever. This year will be a busy one
for the foursome. With requests for performances nationwide, a nationwide
show schedule is in the works. They are also not wasting any time building
a bigger arsenal of music that will continue to elevate this band in the
minds of music listeners everywhere.


Late Tonight (EP) - September 2003
Better Days (EP) - September 2004

Set List

Setlist varies from show to show depending on venue and audience. Generally consists of 9-10 songs for a total set time of 45 mins. Frequently, a cover song is included within the setlist. Recent favorite songs have been Is It Over (Passenger), Leaving You Is Easy (Passenger), All I Wanna Do Is Rock (Travis cover).