Passi Jo & Warako Musica

Passi Jo & Warako Musica


Our show is about music, dancing and joy. The joy starts from the opening guitar riffs and moves from the feet up, like a current running through the body from the sole to the soul and before you know it you’re free-form soukoussing and shimmying all over the dance-floor with a big grin on your face


Warako Musica has been one of Australia’s most energetic and dynamic African bands. Originally lead by internationally acclaimed African singers Passi Jo and Tchico Tchicaya, Warako Musica was formed in 1998, and has toured and played to packed audiences across Australia. Together with African and Australian musicians, they combine sensual rumba and African Soukous grooves, with Cuban and Salsa styles. As part of their act the band, under the sensual choreography of Passi Jo, showcases some of the most passionate soukous dancing that is visually exciting and stunning to watch.
Passi Jo was born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) and is a descendant of the Balari troubadours, who travelled from village to village singing about the joys and sorrows of everyday life. He has worked with some of the greatest African musicians including Verkys, Sam Mangwana, and Quatre Etoiles. In the early nineties his original composition Mama Helena was a number one hit.
In 2000, Warako Musica was awarded ‘Best Live World Act’ at the Australian Music Foundation Awards in Melbourne.


2009 - Re-release of Kass Kass LPs – Kass Kass & Kass Tout (2LPs on 1CD);
2000 - Warako Musica (Passi Jo, the Guru Man & Tchico Tchicaya, the Golden Voice)
1999 - The very best of Passi Jo Les Hommes Voltigeurs
1998 - Kass Kass Man (with the best of Paris AS)

Set List

Sets usually 30 or 45 minutes x 2 sets. All songs are original.

Song list: