Urban music laced with a touch of old school soul.

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The Party's Right Here

Written By: Passion Broussard

The Party’s Right Here

1st Verse
Ain’t got no plans to hold the wall tonight
Me and my girls set it off as if our name is in lights
We go flash pause we the ones drinks around the bar
Swing your hair throw it back be a rock star
And if he wanna fade you then go on and let him pay for
Them drinks while you talk though it don’t mean much
Girl strut your stuff make him glad that you came
All eyes on you now Miss America Wave

He gon have to do one better if he’s stepping to me
He gon have to be the one, two, four, and the three
I’m gon let him get this dance but he better act right
Boy you lucky cause I wanna have fun tonight
So when I grab your hand don’t ask follow me
No questions go with the flow and you’ll see
That the party jumped off when I came glad to meet ya
Hang with a big girl mama’s gon teach ya

And now we in the middle of the floor like (Let’s go!)
We all in the middle of the floor like (Let’s go!)
All my fellas in the middle of the floor like (Let’s go!)
My girls in the middle of the floor like (Let’s go!)
We ain’t need a club cause the party’s right here yeah (Repeat 3x)
Yeah, the party’s right here

2nd Verse
A weight’s been lifted up I’m bout to tilt my cup
For sure I’m having some fun
You can’t tell me I’m not
In the building and I’m feeling f-feeling myself
All them haters contemplating they can move to the left
Cause I- I’m bout my business but I
I’m off the hinges tonight
Don’t need permission that’s right
I’m in this party like
I don’t need a drink because I’m high on life
But give me one anyway it’s one of them nights

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Repeat Chorus

It ain’t gotta be a holiday for me to celebrate
All I need is my girls and a little something to drink
We’re gonna party like it’s no tomorrow or yesterday
Getting airlocked taking shots up in the place

Repeat Chorus

Cryin At Nite

Written By: Passion Broussard

Cryin’ At Nite

Verse 1
I really didn’t want to love you babe
But boy you know you put it on me
Now I can’t stop thinking of ya
I’m thinking of you and you only
Your game is unlike any other
It’s making me a different kind of girl
Boy I really got to tell you
It’s a whole new world
And if I had the strength I’d give it back
This feeling that you’ve given to me
Cause I’ve never met a man that had me so blind
That I’m breaking my commitments and holding off my dreams
Thinking bout you every single day never ever ever felt this way’
There is nothing else left to say
It’s a whole new world

Baby you know that I’m jones-ing for you
And I can’t sleep at night
What am I to do
I feel so hurt inside
I can’t deny the truth
And without you in my life I’m going down

Cryin’ at night thinking of you
I was alright then there came you
I can’t deny what is the truth
I think that I’ve fallen fallen fallen for you

Verse 2
Boy I know that it’s not healthy
When we love I’m screaming out in pain
Go away little boy why don’t you just stop playing games
Your kiss has got me going insane
Got me calling out my own name
And I know I’ll never be the same
Cause it’s a whole new world

I’ve got to clear my mind
I’ve got to free my soul
I let you in my life
Baby I can’t let go
Now that you’re on my mind
Now that you’ve got control
I’m going down

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Repeat Chorus

I Was Wrong & You Were Right

Written By: Passion Broussard

I Was Wrong & You Were Right (The Airplane Song)

Verse 1
Today I had a revelation, one of the most serious in my life
While I was on a plane coming home to you
Suddenly my life it seemed to my flash before my eyes and I thought baby
That’s all that would come to mind
And as the plane touched down I found myself running all around
I was constantly trying to get my baby on the line to say
Baby, please pick up the phone, because I know you’re sitting right at home
Trying to avoid me but I’ve got something real to say
I almost didn’t make it there I wanted you to know how much I care
Oh yeah and about the fight, I really apologize

I was wrong and you were right
It just don’t make sense to go on at all and keep up this fight
Life’s too short for you and I
We don’t have time to be fighting over these things need to just let it go
We should be lovemaking baby

Verse 2
See I don’t ever want to be without you I just don’t know what I’d do
And I don’t ever want to go to bed at night again without telling you that I love you baby I love you baby I love you
Cause life is too short to just let it all slip away
We all want to be loved but some are not that fortunate
So appreciate the man you have and the love you get
Cause you never miss what you have until it’s gone one day
So when you know that you’re right but you need him by your side girl
When he works all day and he comes home late at night girl
You better think about the fact that he’s even got a job girl
And that he comes home at all instead of staying out girl

Repeat Chorus

See we want so much as a woman to have control
But sometimes I think we just need to let it go (think ya better let it go)
When you know that you’re right but you need him by your side
Girl I said (think ya better let it go)
If he never takes out the trash but when you need him
I said when you need him he’s always got your back (think ya better let it go)
If your looking at somebody else and you think the grass is greener
Girl don’t let it come between ya I said (let it go)
Sometimes we just need to let it go
We know that we’re right and he’s wrong (think ya better let it go)
But we don’t need to put it out there just like that
Prove to your man that you’ve always got his back girl (think ya better let it go)
Let it go, let it go, let it go
Sometimes we just need to let it go (think ya better let it go)
Sometimes we just need to keep it on the hush
Sometimes like he said we just need to shut up

Repeat Chorus

I Can Do It Alone

Written By: Passion Broussard


Back (back) and forth (and forth)
To the left to the right to the south and to the north
I really don’t care which way you go long as it’s out
You can try me if you want to and proceed/insist to run your mouth
Why you gotta be that way I really don’t know
If your heart wasn’t in it you should’ve left long ago
Instead of dipping out acting up and leaving me alone
Let me say one thing before you go

I’m too fabulous (3x) to deal with this here
Tired of being stressed out tired of being lonely tired of being dumb dealing w/ your… (hey)
When my girls told me when ya boys warned me when my intuition said you wasn’t bout ish
Man I should’ve listened what was I thinking
I don’t want the kind of love resulting in unhappiness

I don’t do the in and out mood swings back and forth
If your gonna love me then love me when it really counts
I got strong options and an overflowing bank account
I can do it alone
Hello, hello it’s me (baby boy I can do it alone)
Hello, hello it’s me (You know that I can do it)

When I’m in you be out when I’m up you be down
Spare me all you negativity
Then you run and tell your friends that I’m acting like a bitch
And it only makes it easier to leave but uhh
You can kick rocks because I don’t need ya little boy just go away
Cause I just wanna live and get all that I can get and so there’s only one thing left to say

Repeat BSection

Repeat Chorus

Can I Get An Interview

Written By: Passion Broussard

Written for a male

You got curves girl
Like a classic ‘41 Bugatti you sure look good girl (and you know this you know)
(Teach me) I need to learn
Tell me what I gotta do what I gotta say to get in your world
(Not a squirrel-J Fox but I’m still trying to get a nut)

Cause I’ve already undressed you with my eyes in my mind
Waiting patiently to touch you for the very first time
Heard there might be something opening and I wanna know can I apply
Baby can I just say this is not a game

My resume is so impressive
Overqualified for the job description
When I’m done doing that 9-5
You gon wanna pay me for overtime
Hellafied candidate I’m the best
When you get rid of him I got next
References available upon request
Can I get an interview

Forget the seat of my Callaway
Baby you should be in my trophy case
Face on the cover of a magazine
Down the red carpet half naked with me
You really can’t blame me I like what I see
What I gotta do to be in your company
You’re on the top of my wish list
Got me acting like a kid before Christmas

Repeat B-Section
Repeat Chorus

You look good girl- this you know, this you know, this you know
Not a squirrel J Fox but I’m still trying to get a nut
You sure look good girl- this you know, this you know, this you know
Repeat Chorus


Baller's Lady, MCA Records, 1996

Great White Hype Soundtrack, 1996
"Baller's Lady"
Performed by Passion featuring E-40
Written by Passion Broussard, Kevin Irving, Marvin Whitman, E. Stevens and Valerie Webb
Produced by Studio Tone for Tone Only Inc.
Co-Produced by Kirv
Passion appeared courtesy of MCA Records, Inc.
E-40 appears courtesy of Sick Wid It/Jive Records/Zomba

Bulletproof Soundtrack
"Where I'm From (Don't Fight The Clean Mix II)"
Written by Passion Broussard, Kevin Irving, Valarie Webb, Rappin' 4-Tay (as Anthony Forte),
Dana Meyers, Howard Hewett, Todd Anthony Shaw (as Todd Shaw), Bootsy Collins (as William 'Bootsey' Collins),
, Frank Waddy, George Clinton (as George Clinton, Jr.), Kevin McCord
Performed by Passion
Courtesy of MCA Records
by arrangement with MCA Special Markets and Products
Contains elements from 'I'm A Player'
Performed by Todd Anthony Shaw (as Too Short)
Courtesy of Jive Records
Rappin' 4-Tay appears courtesy of Chrysalis Records, a division of EMI Records/Rag Top Records

Blame It On The Game, 1998