Passion Pit

Passion Pit


Like a campfire with friends sharing songs in a 22nd century dance club under the simulated organic glow of ROYGBIV light filters, filling the surroundings with melodies oddly familiar but quite unlike anything you've heard thus far.


Passion Pit was named Best New Act in Boston for the 2008 WFNX/Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll.

So like, get it out of your mind that this is yet another avant-retro scumbag project, some kind of 21st-century revival of that 80's electropop revival from the late 90's.

No, no, that's not it at all.

It's more like...well, remember when Peter Gabriel and Scritti Politti crashed your Christmas party sophomore year and did a set of Prince covers on your little cousin's toy piano? Do you remember how pure, how beautiful everything looked outside that night, the snowflakes caught in floodlight against the black of the sky? And that girl--what was her name--how gorgeous she looked in that weird white sweatshirt with all that fake sparkly stuff in her hair? It was NOW, right now, and there wasn't anything else but now.

Yeah, that's it. But that's not all of it.

Chunk of Change is part 1 of a 3 CD set from Passion Pit, a/k/a Michael Angelakos, a songwriter's songwriter, an elusive and sought-after solo performer whose rare and fragmentary output in pop, slowcore, and soundtracks just teased and hinted at what was possible. This one's been slow in coming, 'cause he's a perfectionist, you see. But maybe, just maybe this is something like perfection--five jewelled tunes that catch the waves of joy shimmering up there on the future horizon. Euphoric but plaintive, sublime but wiggly, Chunk of Change gets to the truth of the matter about what we all want--love, release, goddamn snappy beats and swooningly gorgeous hooks. Gorgeous like the girl in the sweatshirt. Passion Pit is now, dude, and that's all there is.

roddy potter


Chunk of Change - 2007
Pretty Penny - expected to drop July 2008

Set List

Better Things
Smile Upon Me
Live To Tell The Tale
Batty Lashes
Tons of Guns
Cuddle Fuddle
I've Got Your Number

Our set usually runs 45 mins to a hour. We sometimes throw a cover or two in the set.