Pass Margo

Pass Margo


Pass Margo is a three-piece from Portland, OR. With the mix of grungy rock, Hendrix style solos, some funk for the dancers, and songs played completely with a beer bottle, this band is exciting! If you like a group with an amazing live show that can improvise and write great songs, check this out!


Pass Margo is known for its diverse sound. Every song, while keeping it's "band signature" has it's unique style, making a Pass Margo show something that holds the interest of it's audience. Energy on stage and in the studio make it a well rounded force in rock n' roll. Grungy hard rock, upbeat funk, and head out blues keep the listener bouncing on the dance floor or in their car. The bottom line is, "YOU KNOW THAT NEW SOUND YOU BEEN LOOKING FOR?! WELL LISTEN TO THIS!"


Pass Margo (EP) 2005
Pass Margo "Wake Up Call" (2006)
We are currently in the studio at Jackpot! with Mr. Jordan Richter working on a new EP and follow up album. (Check it out on our audio files!)
We have gotten college radio play in Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Wyoming.

Set List

We can play up to 2 and a half hours doing 45 minute sets and 15 minute breaks.
Our original set list is:
Wake up call
Heavenly Dreams
Election Day
Traffic Jam
7 Mondays
Big Black Wall
Day to Day
Time too...
Take Off
Bush Fries
Swim Day
North Dakota

Cover songs:
Mr. Wrong -Cracker
Everlong -Foo Fighters
She hates Me -Puddle of Mudd
Mary Jane's last dance -Tom Petty
Interstate Lovesong -Stone Temple Pilots