Passo Largo

Passo Largo


Bass, guitar and drums, are things that the Passo Largo knows well! Experienced musicians perform a impressive presentation, where the mix of rock, jazz and Brazilian rhythms turns into a flammable experience which explodes on stage.


With a year of training, the group Passo Largo has participated in importants Brazilian festivals such as the Porão do Rock and the Cena Contemporânea, and has shared the stage with renowned Brazilian artists such as Lulu Santos, Titãs and Paralamas do Sucesso, playing rock at various corners of Brazil. To celebrate the first year of life, the power trio launches eponymous debut album, which features ten tracks, recorded live in the studio. Strolling through various influences beyond the rock, as Brazilian music, jazz, ska and pop, the group demonstrates, in this first disc, the rich baggage brought by each group.


Passo Largo - Passo Largo

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Set List

Set List Passo Largo

Passo Largo
Vermelho Conversível
A Sapiência da Perereca
Sujeiras de Angélica
Bebe-le Rios
Sinta a Liga
Suspiros de Elizabeth
Acabou-se Tudo