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"The Apostles"

This is a great addition to anyone's post-punk collection. Downtrodden grooves make way for haunting vocals that remind me of the old 70's Spanish punk wave. Good stuff! - Guerilla Warfear

" Passé Apôtres"

Ce CD est un de mes favoris de cette année. Seulement 3 chansons me laisse en veulent toujours plus! - The grape escape (france)

"Past Apostles"

"I listen to just this one song over and over while I have my player on repeat. It really moved me. " -Donofthedead -Razorcake Magazine

- Razorcake Magazine

"Progressive punk"

"Pretty damn good progressive" - Killradio

"Nice one"

"...for a duo, these guys have the arena rock level music. Pop in the CD and crank it up. You hear these ambient tones that reverberate well against far away walls....sounds a bit mainstreamish, but also contains the punk rock soul" - Tyrantula Media

"Live Review"

"Expected them to sound like some folk rock duo. I couldn't have been more wrong. Punk rock in the sense of taking pop into their own hands, and forcing it to their own will. Bending and shaping melody to their own protocols. "Mating Calls," was keyboard mayhem at it's best. It kept me dancing well after the music stopped. Wow."
-Matthew Boone - Filthy Furies


If the voice behind Past Apostles sounds familiar, it should. Formerly known as A Happy Death, the duo is back with a stunning new sound. Their lo-fi gritty punk sound has been traded in for something more progressive. A kind of new Wave Punk sound that flows effortless through your ears. Into your blood and wraps itself around your heart. Even Ricks vox has a smoother and more defined feeling to them. As always there are some great lyrics on the three song Ep. Its still an outlet for the bands inner demons. Only this time they have a more abstract feel to them. Its not so much a specific point in life that's being dealt with its more of the general bullshit of human interaction in all of its forms, electronic and organic. The ways we rip each other to shreds and push one another over the edge.And the few that are able to bring us back from the edge of insanity. All of that and you can dance to it too! - ECTOMAG.COM


Our first recording (as Past Apostles) was done in October of 2008. Recorded and produced by Punk icon, and legendary musician, Paul Roessler (Nina Hagen, The Screamers, 45 Grave). Two of our songs have had airplay. One is currently on college and community radio.



Past Apostles is an art-punk/rock band from the underbelly of Southern California. Having played in several bands, Roger Fowler (who also plays in Cat Party) and Rick Espinoza came together in the summer of 2008 to reformulate the band previously known as, A Happy Death. Already seasoned within the underground punk scene, Past Apostles was joined by multi-instrumentalist, Morgan Rose. Together, they are branching out to fans of several genres by blending their punk rock roots with their knack for melody. Sullen tones, mixed with post-rock angst, along with the addition of haunting melodies make this three-piece a force quickly garnering momentum.

"I played the song over and over again" -Razorcake Magazine

"This is what great music is"
-Screw Pop Culture

"Damn good progressive punk"