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Oakland, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Oakland, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Electronic Synth




"Listen: Pastel Ghost - “Clouds” [Premiere]"

Pastel Ghost, AKA Oakland's Vivian Moon, is debut fresh cut "Clouds" exclusively on Best Fit.

Inspired by Crystal Castles, My Bloody Valentine, New Order, The Cure and more, Moon has created a fresh style of mysterious dance music that she calls 'dreamrave'. This new track combines hip-hop percussion of two decades past with rave-tinged synth stabs, pillars of smoke-addled noise, and the misty candour of Alice Glass at her mose sedate. It's beguiling, and makes the mind boggle as to why Moon isn't plastered on magazine covers worlwide - though with the release of her full-length debut, ABYSS, set to drop 10 March on 80s Ladies Records, perhaps that's just around the corner.

Speaking about the tune and explaining the themes and intentions, Moon says:

"It's a dreamy, nostalgic track with a 90s-inspired beat. It's about being alone, consumed by thoughts of another person, and that day-dreamy feeling when you're completely lost in your own head, not present where you are, thinking about someone unreachable who doesn't know or love you." - The Line of Best Fit

"Stream Pastel Ghost's Hazy Synth Album 'Abyss'"

Fans still reeling from the dissolution of Crystal Castles need no longer spend their days crying into their hoodies, because ABYSS, the new record from Pastel Ghost is here to fill the synth-shaped hole in your heart.

The album from the Oakland based artist is ten songs of propulsive, 8-bit-style sound effects and synth hooks gurgling beneath Vivian Moon’s heavily manipulated vocals.

“The overall theme centers around loneliness and longing,” Moon says of the album she wrote, produced, and recorded in her bedroom.

“I’m a very visual person too, so it was important to me that each song had its own distinct visual feeling/atmosphere. I see a lot of black and shadows when I listen to some of the heavier songs. Others feel bright and ethereal, some look holographic to me.”

That sense of alternating isolation and expansiveness is evident, as the tracks move from compressed and claustrophobic, to sun-kissed and celestial.

ABYSS is out tomorrow on Chicago’s 80s Ladies Records. Buy it here. - Bullet Media


The rise off Oakland’s Pastel Ghost, aka Vivian Moon.

Arising from these post-industrial landscapes is the electro synth-pop goth-ish artist, Pastel Ghost, lorded by the Oakland artist, Vivian Moon. Establishing witch house sympathies through the electronic streaks of dark mascara on 2013’s Dark Beach EP; the title track, “Silhouette”, and “Slow Gaze” proved to be not only some of the best electronic indie pop audio arts in the Bay, but perhaps the entire west coast. Flash forward a few years into the future, where the track “Clouds” brought upward rising vapor spirits that told of the formidable recent movements over the past decade that brought a bedroom production aesthetic to some of the main fronts of new radio wave interests, informing all big name artists who worked with beat and rhythm centered music.

Providing further dream rave morsels for the ear, mind, and soul — Pastel Ghost premieres the track, “Pulse”, taken from her forthcoming 80s Ladies album debut, Abyss, available March 10. Turning up all the levels, heightening the stakes, revamping the definition, and firing up the incessant drive of turbine-like percussion engines — Vivian brings “Pulse” to full throttled life and pointed to a future point of no return. A melody of keyboards initiates the song before the unbeatable, and indestructible body music beats take over, as Moon’s vocals emerge here and there from synthesizer hooks that fire from the track’s nuclear reactor core. In a way, “Pulse” provides a nearly visual representation of the Pastel Ghost moniker in the way Vivian summons a blizzard of synth progressions that fire with the ferocity of a thousand feelings, while her vocals make reigning cameos that break between the overcast filter of eternal fog. Following the debut of “Pulse”, we had an opportunity to cross over to new electronic realms in our interview with Vivian.

What’s the latest from the Oakland scenes as of late?

Rap, starving artists, underground parties in DIY spaces.

Walk us through the making of the Dark Beach EP that has then lead to your album Abyss for 80s Ladies Records.

“Dark Beach” formed the entire direction of PASTEL GHOST. Dreamy, dark, emotional dance music. That’s always been my intention and you can hear all of that in ABYSS.

What for you inspired these evocative audio essences that you have summoned forth from the void?

The color lilac, Love’s Easy Tears, Macross Plus, Robert Smith.

How do you approach this kind of haunted electronic, post-witch house or whatever you choose to call it collection of hyper-balladry, and ghost silk styles?

My approach is always different. It starts with an image, a melody, or a synth sound I want to construct a song around. Sometimes I want to write something hopeless or destructive.

pastel ghost week in pop 2

We have been vibing heavily to “Clouds” and the mind, body, and soul trance of “Pulse”. Tell us about how you blend everything from the ephemeral nature of things to the elements and aspects that comprise the human touch.

There’s a strange harmony there, this contrast between aggression/vulnerability. I don’t care about making music that isn’t emotional. If the melodies don’t force me to feel something or if the lyrics aren’t honest, the music is meaningless.

Other obscure Oakland artists we need to know about and listen to right now?

Metal Mother, Powwoww, Witowmaker.

What’s in the future for Pastel Ghost?

Shows, touring.

Pastel Ghost’s ABYSS will be available March 10 from 80s Ladies Records. - Impose Magazine

"Electro Pop Goodness from Pastel Ghost"

I’ve been jamming to a lot of this new album from Pastel Ghost. The beats are really strong, creating a pounding sensation at almost every corner; it’s definitely a dance floor ready style (musically speaking). But, what really sold me on the Vivian Moon’s project is the way she’s opted to record the vocals; they’re coated in this really hazy smoothness that provides a soft underbelly to her driving electro tracks. If I took drugs, I would probably take them to this track…but don’t do drugs folks! Look for the debut album, Abyss, this week via 80s Ladies Records. - Austin Town Hall


The last couple weeks I’ve dug into the past with people I’ve admired for a long time. Crushes that have stood the test of time.

Now, it’s time for a fresh crush. Ahhh there is no better feeling than discovering something new and being enamored by that bright, shiny object. New infatuations are always seemingly perfect. You’re so blinded by the joy of the moment and high on the drug of adoration. This is how I felt when I came across PASTEL GHOST a couple months ago…

Last week PASTEL GHOST released their 2nd EP entitled “Shadows” and it confirmed all those feelings I originally had about them. Not only was I still totally blown away by their music, but even more so than before. Everything had improved and it made me hopeful for the future of what they do next.

Hailing from Oakland and making music that sounds like an anime dream, PASTEL GHOST are masterful at combining a whole host of influences to create a landscape all their own. There are easily comparisons made to Crystal Castles, 80’s synth pop, Grimes and Fischer Spooner, but what I like most about them is that despite being influenced by others, they are still very much their own. It’s a strong start for a young artist and that confidence gets me totally crushed out. I think you should too :)

Check out their new and old EPs below!

Check out their cool tumblr too! - IHEARTCOMIX

"Stream Pastel Ghost's new 'Shadow' EP"

The self-released four-track EP Shadows seems to follow the heady theme that's readily apparent on her Tumblr page. As in, delicate, future-centric, and fairly purple. The four tracks cruise with a synth-pulse crush notably similar to Crystal Castles. Unlike her more well-known contemporary comparison, however, PASTEL GHOST's vocals stream through like a cascade of careful whispers. Or you can just call it dreamy. It's very dreamy.

You can listen to the album below courtesy of Bandcamp. - The 405

"Exclusive Interview: Pastel Ghost"

Pastel Ghost is the musical project of rising producer and vocalist Vivian Moon. The Oakland based dark wave princess has become known for her pulsating electro-pop synths and dream washed vocals. The multitalented artist is fresh off the release of her new album ABYSS, a 10-track exploration into themes such as solidarity and isolation. The emotional underpinnings of Pastel Ghost’s sound are meshed with scintillating 90’s inspired electronic dance beats. The powerful synth progressions in ABYSS perfectly complement the spooky witch house themes evident throughout the course of the album. Dance heavy live shows mixed with a soft grunge inspired aesthetic, Pastel Ghost is a clear representation of everything cool within the electro-synth pop genre. In the midst of a northwest tour, I caught up with Pastel Ghost before her show at the Kame House in Bellingham Washington. - The Electronic Current


ABYSS LP 201580s Ladies Records
ABYSS REMIXES EP 201580s Ladies Records
DARK BEACH EP 2013Self-released



While critics may struggle to define PASTEL GHOST’s music with tidy descriptors like witch-rave or blog-house, it’s evident that PASTEL GHOST is creating sounds that take flight beyond any genre boundaries. On her debut LP ABYSS (80s Ladies Records), the Oakland-based artist laces elements of dream-pop, post-punk, and electronica to create sounds that can only be described as otherworldly. Ethereal vocals glide over chilly synth hooks and thumping drum beats, creating tracks so infectious, they can lure even the most brooding shoegazers onto the dance floor.

Written, produced, and recorded in her bedroom, ABYSS shows PASTEL GHOST finding strength in her own loneliness by embracing the pangs of unrequited love. Penned in vignettes of sparse poetry, her lyrics reveal the vulnerability hiding underneath the music’s gothic exterior. “[The songs] are about loneliness and longing, wanting an ideal or person that you can’t really have. It’s about feeling isolated,” says PASTEL GHOST.

But for all the despairing lyrics that make up ABYSS, the album is far from a gloomy affair; Bullett Media described the record by saying, “That sense of alternating isolation and expansiveness is evident, as the tracks move from compressed and claustrophobic, to sun-kissed and celestial.” While keeping the foundation of what made 2013’s Dark Beach EP so popular among music blogs, ABYSS marks a huge leap in artistry for PASTEL GHOST. By tying her love of hazy, anime visuals to her sound, her songs have an instant cinematic feel to them — each track evokes dreamy imagery that is a significant component to PASTEL GHOST.

ABYSS is available for purchase on BandCamp, and is streaming on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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