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I sing soothing songs for adults and as children's entertainer "Pastel Pat" I sing earth friendly songs for kids about animals and recycling. I sketch animals from the songs and use puppets and props. Face painting and caricatures await the kids after the show. All the lyrics are at


Patricia trained as a portrait artist, sculpting and painting for many years. When she started losing her vision she turned to her musical abilities. Her vision was restored to 20/20, but she learned from the experience and took the opportunity to develop and combine her musical and artistic abilities in an entertaining show for both kids and adults.


Goodbye CO2

Written By: Patina


I'm disturbed, it's alarming
It's not cool, this global warming
Polar bears swim like mad
When the icebergs lose their caps
Fuel burns into CO2
A gas that isn't good for you
Once absorbed by grass and trees, Weighed in pounds, it used to be
Safe for us to be around, now earth needs to lose some pounds
Earth is going to get real sick
If we continue on like this

Here's ten things that we can do
To reduce the CO2
Tell everyone...sharing's fun!
That's #1!
Spiral bulbs instead of spheres
Saves a hundred pounds a year
Here's what you do...a bulb that's new! That's #2!
CO2, what have you done? Good thing a tree absorbs a ton!
Why don't we...plant a tree!
That's #3

If you love the sky above
Here's ten things that you can do
Say hooray when you wave
Goodbye CO2!

If you recycle half your trash you'll cut 2,000 pounds like that!
It's no chore, recycle more, that's #4!
Walk or bike, it's good for you, the gas you save cuts CO2!
Arrive alive...don't drive! That's #5!
Hot water is an energy mess, use more cold or use less, here's the trick... just mix! That's #6!...

Turn things off in the house, the pounds you save in the thousands
It's been revvin'...don't forget 'em! That's #7!
Save gas by keeping tires round, a gallon saved cuts 20 pounds It's sure great...when you inflate! That's #8!
Don't keep your home too hot or cold unless you're very young or old Bottom line, medium's fine!That's #9!

Avoiding lots of packing, reduces what you're trashing
So tell them, less packaging! That's #10!... Again!
One...Sharing's fun! Two...A bulb that's new! Three...Plant a tree! & Four...Recycle more! Five...Don't drive! Six...Just mix! Seven...Don't forget 'em! & Eight...Inflate!
Nine...Medium's fine! Ten... Less packaging! If everyone, chips in we've won, 'cause

If you love the sky above
Here's ten things you can do
Say hooray when you wave
"Goodbye CO2!"

Ozone Goes

Written By: Patina

Patina c2008
The sun block that the earth wears
Is called the ozone layer
Way high up we've not enough
So there's a couple holes there
With these holes we're so exposed
Needle'n'thread won't sew 'em closed
Plankton in the sea's at risk
Of turning into seafood bisque

Ozone, ozone
Where do you go and why
We'd like to see much more of you
Way up there in the sky
Ozone goes, ozone goes
Ozone goes right thru the holes
Plankton in the seas at risk
Of turning into seafood bisque

A mile up from earth's crust is where too much is bad for us
Fluorocarbons in the sky reduces ozone way up high
Sixty miles farther up
Is where it's pure and good for us
This is what we need more of
To make the sky clear blue above...

Be careful when you go outside
Ultra violet rays shine from the sky
Called UV rays they sneak thru holes
The sun shines through
And we're UV rays

These UV rays will play some tricks on all of us including kids
With UV rays we're all at risk of being more than just sun kissed!
Protect from UV rays with these
Hats, sunglasses and long sleeves
You're not a rock so use sun block
Maybe damage can be stopped!...

The more we burn our gas and coal
It will make a bigger hole
We don't know where ozone goes Maybe we can plug those holes
Use your hands, use your fists...oops The holes to high for this!
If ever all our ozone goes
You had better plug your nose!


Patricia Lynn has four CD's, Falling Petals and Frozen Roses and two for Children, Cool Hot Dogs, and Squirm The Worm.

Set List

For the kids, a typical show would include Goodbye CO2,
Jama the Llama, Ozone Goes, Chunky The Monkey, Squirm The Worm and Cinema Earth. The adult show would be Choir in the Sky, Every Time, Sure Shot, Last Resort, Under the Stars, and Lover's Lane.