Pastlife Pretense

Pastlife Pretense

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Very compelling, insightful hip-hop with substance, a refreshing sound, with hard hitting beats and lyrics that capture the listner and take them on a journey they never forget.


Pastlife Pretense: The back to basics raw hip-hop group consists of Dane and Madness. The Duo coming straight out of Jersey, Dane (the ever so lyrical MC) displays a realness and a keen ability to convy real life issues and topics that everyday people can relate too in his rhymes.. Madness the other half of the duo provides well thought out soundscapes and backdrops that don't carry the MC but rather compliment's the flow and allows for compelling and head nodding tracks. The outcome of this is dope music that's not reliant upon the cookie cutter formula that alot of todays music reflects.


"Return of the Emcee" Featured on several online radio shows across america right now. Featured on Friday Night Flava's (Phoenix, AZ). Was just featured on the Ed Lover Morning Show Power 105.1 (NYC).

Set List

Typical set is 5 tracks. Roughly 30 minutes

1)Life Cycle
2)The Anesthetic
3)Return of the Emcee
4) Freestyle
5) Surrender