Past Mistress

Past Mistress


Music made out of rocks,blood,and herracy. Alternative/Experimental/Feminine Rock. Melodies to kidnapp you with! Live shows like none other!!! THE NEXT BIG THING ><><><><><><><><><><


Past Mistress is from Long Island NY. Genevieve and Laura met in 2005. The stars were in order and Past Mistress came to be. Peter later joined the band completing the sound with his over the top style. Our influences include joy division, pixies,hole,blonde redhead,sleater kinney,kate bush. Our sounds are channelled, we throw our selves over the line into music , almost Onto the otherside. We loose ourselves to create, something raw, honest, feminine, with our hearts wide open. Expect catchy melodies , screaming banshees , and guitar/bass/drums to dance voodoo too!


Debut album out May 2, 2008
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Set List

45 - 50 min sets available. Can play shorter gigs if needed. Songs...
I Am Light
For You
Dreams are made of Gold
Why Not Now?
Last Call
Dance Yeah
I Was a Kid
Make No Exceptions
Who You Are
Two Different Faces