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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Pastora-Music Minus Film"

Pastora - Music Minus Film (Independent)
Pastora is one man: Derek Buckner. He writes, produces and performs everything on Music Minus Film, a mixed-marriage of electronica and analog instruments. The result, thanks mainly to Buckner’s melodic skills, is a satisfying collection, which brings to mind Barry Adamson’s jazzy imagined scores of the past decade, the mid-80s indie electro-pop of Matt Johnson, early Eno and Berlin based Bowie. The occasional songs are quite possibly of earth shattering importance, but there’s just enough juice running through them to strip any real meaning away. This is quite possibly a very good thing, and we’re largely left impressed with the Low-isms of “Looking For Another” or “Peach Magnet”, instead of fretting over any lyrical faux pas that might shatter the illusion. Our only real concern is that there’s not enough of it, with its running time of less than 25 minutes. Find the MySpace page here:
Rob F. - Leicester Bangs

"Pastora: Music Minus Film"

...Buckner channels Mark Knopfler just a bit here, right down to a parallel subtle guitar style...) - Wildy's World


Pastora is the brainchild and creation of Derek Buckner, he writes, he produces, he plays, there is nothing really that this guy doesn’t do but the resulting sound would have you believe that Music Minus Film is a team effort on a larger scale. 80s synth, 90s trance, a variety of instrumental interludes, it’s all here on this 25 minute melodic merry-go-round. “Can You See Them” sees Buckner combine dark and granite like vocals with a strong, plodding bass line punctuated with an occasional keyboard interjection. This is one of only two tracks to feature vocals of any kind, along with "El Contador". Music Minus Film is certainly more a sprint than a marathon in terms of duration, yet the ability of Buckner to introduce such a vast array of ingredients to the musical taste buds, like a chef not wanting to over-cook the broth maybe it is a case of less equals more. - HUBBUB UK


Pastora: Music Minus Film 2010
Aquaboy: The World Still Turns Without You: 2003
Derek Buckner: Symptoms: 2000



We are pleased to announce the release of Pastora's new E.P. "Music Minus Film". Written, produced and performed by Derek Buckner, this new collection of songs comes after a long hiatus from his solo career during which he was playing with the successful Alt-Country group Sugarpine. Thus far, these songs have not been released in any formal capacity and for the past year have been in the process of being formed and reformed and manipulated in his studio in Brooklyn NY. Working with a combination of electronic and soft-synth based instruments as well as analog instruments and live recordings Derek Buckner has taken on a new musical path involving both highly manipulated sounds and well crafted melodies. Derek who was the guitarist and singer for the Alt- Country band Sugarpine has collaborated with many musicians including Dan Fleigal (of the Eternals, Tom Ze, Tortoise) Francis Metcalf (of Fat Sac and the Embassy Suites) Rob Datum of the Nerves( Thrill Jockey) Josh Maddel of Antietam, Robert Rolston of Mr. Quintron and Math, Jim Becker of Califone as well as many others.