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"A Collection of Review Quotes"

"Pastor Brad is blessed with the AWESOME ability to play like the big boys and even better."
Richard Lynch/SAINT

"I have spent more than twenty years enjoying the instrumental shredding by such talents as Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine, David Chastain, Joey Tafolla, Vai, Satriani, et., etc. So, I approached this CD with much curiosity. Low and behold, this CD shreds… YES, smoking, blazing riffs and scales, all done with finesse and beauty. Pastor Brad certainly has the chops and blasts through what he calls 80's style metal with relative ease. Richard Lynch and Dee Harrington of Saint fame appear on this recording too. Man would I love to play drums along side of this killer stuff."
Jeff McCormack
Heaven's Metal Fanzine

"Absolutely some of the best guitar work I have heard in a long time! In all my years in radio, never has an Independent Artist struck me the way Pastor Brad has done."
Jeff Vichiarelli (Dizzy Izzy)
CEO, Dekadance Radio

Man, I am listening to The Conquest right now. This is flat out AWESOME!!"
Tall Tyrion
The Christian Metal Realm

"My husband and I put the CD in the player, sat down in the living room and made ourselves comfortable. As soon as the first note was played our house lifted off of its foundation, spun around in the air and flew over Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Sanibel, Marco Island and Naples. Not until Fire and Ice ended did our house begin the return trip home. By the time the last note on the CD was played, our house was once again safely on the ground where it always was. It was a wild trip, and we enjoyed it immensely. All of the guitarists are amazing!"
Joan Eltringham
Fan @ CD Baby

"A metal feast at its finest,The most beautiful music in the world. The best part is its praising the LORD. I love the song 'Well Done', a master piece."
--Craig Eichelbergert
Fan Austin TX!

- Various Writers.

"A Happy Promoter"

Hello Pastor Brad,

I wanted to say that when we received our confirmation about the STYX/REO Speedwagon/Kansas concert to follow our March 25th food show, one of the first people I wanted to alert was you. I have been so impressed by your talent at church that I believed you would surely enjoy our concert. When you wrote back mentioning that you might want to have some stage time, I immediately had the idea of the Holiday Inn post-food show opportunity.

Besides my son, a huge fan of your playing, I heard many complimentary comments from vendors, employees, and customers alike regarding your sets. I was in the back of Harrigan’s for most of the sets but was so impressed to hear you moving effortlessly from one classic rock song to the next during your sets. Every one of the songs was immediately identifiable and as each note was played, the words of years ago played in my mind along with the music. The music was crisp and sounded just like I had remembered each and every song. I really enjoyed some up-close time near the end of your second set and watching you put the finishing touches of your set with the REO song, “Time for me to Fly” of my all-time favorite songs. Just three hours later, watching Kevin Cronin and the REO gang, I could easily have seen you up on stage adding your talent to their own version of their famous tune.

Thanks again Pastor Brad for adding your own touch to our show…I took great pride in telling customers, vendors, and employees alike, “that’s my Pastor”!

Keith McQuillen
McAneny Brothers, Inc. - A letter I received


To date I have released 9 full-length CDs: Get Real (2003), Rock You Up (2003), Out of the Hellhole (2004), Telecaster (2005), The King Has Come (2005), SHRED (2005), RESHREDDED (2006), Shredded Sweet (2007), Heavenly Shred (2008). Several of my songs are from these albums receive regular airtime on internet stations. I am always working on new material.



Pastor Brad graduated from Highland High School (Anderson, IN) in 1985... right in the heart of the "80s BIG HAIR, Old School, spandex, over-the-top-stage show, shred guitar-crazy, heavy metal days!" He cut his guitar shredding teeth listening to classic metal/rock guitarists like Angus Young (AC/DC), Randy Rhoads (Ozzy), Ace Frehley (Kiss) and Adrian Smith & Dave Murray (Iron Maiden). In 1987 PB surrendered his heart to Jesus--and from that day on, his greatest passion has been to rock for Jesus! Today Pastor Brad resides in Altoona, PA with his wife, Kelly and two children, Kara (11) and Josh (9). He serves as Pastor of Community and Teaching at First Church in Altoona. What sets PB apart as an artist is his unique blend of teaching and musical gifts, his pastor's heart and experience in ministry. PB was ordained as a pastor in 1995 and he's served full-time within the church ever since. Pastor Brad sums up his his heart's passion this way, "I love to rock and I love to connect with people and minister to hearts. I'm on a mission to exalt Christ and reach as many metal heads with the message of God's grace through faith in Jesus as possible!"