Pastor Deborah Evans

Pastor Deborah Evans

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Associate Pastor, Author, Motivational Speaker


If there was one word that could sum up the goal of Deborah Evans’ life, that word would be “empowerment.” Like the air she breathes, this Associate Pastor believes that God’s children need to walk in the destiny and purpose they’ve been called to. Even more, she’s determined to help each and every person she comes in contact with do just that.

Growing up in the Nation’s Capital, Deborah Evans seemed to be destined to speak into people’s lives. Even as a youngster, she was motivating and educating. “As a kid, I gathered up the other neighborhood kids and during the summer, I was still having school,” she says. “Now, you know, they had to be kids that really liked me! But I would teach them when school was out. I’d even bring the chalk board out. It was amazing, but God had placed the call to teach on my life at a very young age.”

She officially started teaching at Evangel Church in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, and was finally able to connect her spiritual calling with a natural passion that had always existed. She furthered her education at the University of the District of Columbia and American University, also in Washington. She pursued her theological education at Liberty Christian College in Pensacola, Florida, and received her Bachelors in Christian Education through Andersonville Theological Seminary in Camille, Georgia. She is currently completing her Masters in Christian Counseling.

At Emmanuel Covenant Church in Hyattsville, Maryland, where she has been one of the church’s founding members for almost 20 years now, she’s truly been able to shine. Years ago, the Senior Pastor saw a special gift in her and helped groom the young woman for ministry. She moved to the role of Deacon and then to Minister and then to Associate Pastor, a role she has today. In addition, she’s the Dean of Emmanuel Bible Institute and has spent over 16 years providing leadership and ministry to women. She and her husband, Minister Roger Evans, serve as pre-marital counselors as well, helping guide men and women into fulfilling marriages.

One of her true passions is motivating and inspiring God’s women. It’s that desire that led to the formation of Victorious Living Now (VLN). VLN is a teaching ministry that encompasses seminars, conferences, a radio ministry, a Mentoring Institute and an outreach program, Project HOPE.

Evans built VLN with the sole purpose of uplifting women. “Victorious Living Now was birthed about 6 years ago with the emphasis on empowering women to live victorious lives,” states Evans. “The purpose wasn’t just to talk about victory. A lot of people talk about victory and abundant living, but they’re not experiencing it. You find people who say, ‘I’m blessed and highly favored’ or ‘I’m more than a conqueror,’ but when you look at their lives, they’re living way beneath what God intended.”

The organization’s first event was entitled “Birthing Spiritual Destiny” which netted 200 attendees. With the group’s mandate of equipping and empowering in mind, they’ve also started the Mentoring Institute, a monthly advisory component which gives women the tools to live victoriously. Another component is Project HOPE. Project HOPE stands for ‘Helping Other People Excel.’ This element of VLN is specifically targeted to women who don’t attend church. Project HOPE has helped women with resume writing and interview skills. Evans says, “We’ve worked with various organizations to help empower women and to help them get jobs. As a matter of fact, we have an annual suit drive to give women clothes to dress for success. It’s just another empowerment component of VLN.”

Pastor Evans’ desire is to see the people of God grow in their knowledge of His Word, to live to their God-given potential, and to see those without hope experience hope in God. Currently her teachings are being aired on the Conquering With The Word Broadcast in Pittsburgh, North Carolina and Georgia (as outreach ministry). She encourages believers to appropriate the victory they possess in Christ and to recognize obstacles and circumstances can become stepping stones rather than hindrances!

Evans says, “God has given me a mandate, a mission, to empower individuals to live authentic, purposeful lives. That’s the mission I’m on. Wherever I am, I am there to free people from a place of being stuck so they can move into their place of destiny, to move in the purpose God has for their lives.”