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"Murphy urges dissatisfied to step up for change"

NEW BRITAIN — Reverend Rha-Sheen Brown said Saturday he sees the effects of living without health care every day on the streets of New Britain, in his Spring Street parish and has experienced it himself.

He described an encounter with a woman who was six months pregnant but hadn’t yet seen a doctor for prenatal care. He also told of diabetics losing their limbs because they couldn’t seek preventative treatment and shared his own story of how his mother would give him cold medicine rather than take a trip to the emergency room.

“To see such a great country as America and have people dying every day because we don’t have access to health care,” said Brown, the pastor of Right Now Ministries. “Something is wrong with that picture.”

But he and others, including U.S. Rep. Christopher Murphy, D-5th District, attending a Health Care For America Now! forum at the Pulaski Club Saturday said there is something ordinary people can do.

“Change comes from the dissatisfied,” he told the crowd of about 60. “Until the dissatisfied step up, nothing will change. We may not see change until we get up and take a stand.”

The forum was part of a national health care reform campaign designed to drum up support for proposed state and federal legislation aimed at making health care more affordable and accessible to all.

Speakers included Lynn Ide, director of the Connecticut-based Healthcare4every1, Tom Swan, the state executive director of the Connecticut Citizen Action Group and Ethan Rome, with the national Health Care for America Now! Two other similar forums were held this week in Bridgeport and Coventry.

The SustiNet plan before the state legislature supported by the advocacy group Healthcare4every1 would offer individuals a choice of their employer’s insurance or entrance into the state-run program.

The plan would be available to people with pre-existing conditions, who are self-employed, have experienced divorce or other life changes making it difficult to get or pay for other health insurance. The cost would be on a sliding scale and kept manageable by merging other state plans including HUSKY.

“We can really lead the nation on this issue if we are brave enough,” Ide said. “We can be ahead of the curve and have the state of Connecticut be action ready when they pass similar legislation at the federal level.”

Murphy said he expects a federal universal health care reform bill to be debated this spring and summer and up for a vote this fall. As one of the lead supporters in crafting the bill, Murphy said the goals were simple.

The main goal is to make health care a birthright and give Americans a choice between private and public plans with subsidies for those who can’t afford the cost.

“The proposal that I think is the most promising is that we understand that 70 percent of people like their insurance through their employer but we need to rate everyone the same,” he said. “You can’t rate someone by illness. There would be no discrimination for pre-existing conditions and a basic level of coverage for everyone.”

The federal plan would control costs by limiting profits for insurance companies, cutting administrative costs and treating people before they get sick, Murphy said.

“If you don’t like the private insurance plan, you will have the option of a public plan,” he said. “The government can run with a no-profit motivation. People will choose a public plan that will cost less.”

But as Brown and Rome repeatedly stressed, it will be up to the public to let their legislators know that they support the bills. “I challenge you not to let this be the last time you let your congressman hear you,” Brown said. “We need to make a change.” - By LISA BACKUS

"Recommendation 1"

To whom it may concern,

My name is Charles Reece and I am the president of a Christian organization called Arts for the King. I am writing this letter to endorse a minister who has the ability to impact the listener with the gospel with or without a beat. His name is Pastor Rez.
Pastor Rez has been the closing minister at a number of events that I have organization both has the headliner in music and as the pastor to bring forth the Word and give the altar call. I have also had the pleasure of working with him outside of music as his church and our church have been working together to reach our local community.
Pastor Rez relates well to his audience by using humor, banging beats and lyrics, and a powerful testimony that keeps everyone listening to every word he says. In short, Pastor Rez is someone that I would feel safe to endorse as a gospel rapper and a pastor and he would be a great addition to your event/outreach.

If you have any further questions or need more information please call me at (860) 997-9460. May God Richly Bless You.

Charles Reece
President of Arts for the King - Charles Reece

"Recommendation 2"

To Whom It May Concern;

This is a letter of recommendation for Pastor Rha-Sheen Brown. In the time that I have known him, he has proven his character and calling in the body of Christ. He has displayed a spirit of generosity by helping needy families at Christmas time. I believe that at least 300 families were helped through his efforts.

We have participated together in other Church endeavors, including a Positive Hip Hop concert that we held at our Church facility. He demonstrated an ability to communicate effectively through music and speaking. Lives were touched that night.

I believe that he will be an asset to any ministry that he participates in.

In His Service,

Rev. Bruce Fletcher, Senior Pastor

Bethel Christian Church
PO Box 310899
Newington, CT 06111

Tel: 860-665-0154
Website: - Pastor Bruce Fletcher


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Pastor Rha-Sheen D. Brown, “Pastor Rez”, was born on December 7, 1975 in Brooklyn, New York to Deborah Brown and Lonnie Owens.
Pastor Rez had to overcome various trials and tribulations throughout his life. His father separated from them and later died in a car accident, when Pastor Rez was only 5 years. His mom resorted to the rough lifestyle of Brooklyn and began to sell drugs, running numbers and running cons. She eventually became a crack cocaine addict.
She and her son became homeless and went from shelter to shelter. Child welfare took Pastor Rez from his mom’s custody when she left him in the shelter by himself. At this time Pastor Rez was 12 years old and going from foster home to foster home.
When everyone thought that Pastor Rez was nothing and they had given up on him, he began to think that the streets would accept him. He began to sell drugs and became very rebellious. Pastor Rez surrounded himself with people who were thieves and murderers.
In 1994, when he was 19 years old, Pastor Rez was arrested on multiple charges that could have had him in jail for the rest of his life. But God was watching over him the entire time. Pastor Rez’s mother, who at this time was clean and in the Lord, interceded in prayer.
After only 6 months, Pastor Rez was released from jail. Even though Jesus released him, Pastor Rez was a 5% and believed himself to be God. Later Jesus Christ would give him the other 95 % and make him 100% whole, in Jesus Christ.
Pastor Rez had a son out of wedlock before he went to jail. When he was released, he brought him back home with him for a better life. He had another child, this time it was a girl, and he would later marry her mother.
Pastor Rez stayed out of trouble and accepted the Lord in March of 1998. He got ordained as a Youth Minister in 2000. He also married his daughter’s mother, Evangelist Briggitte Brown, that year, and the Lord blended the whole family together.
Pastor Rez devoted and offered up to the Lord, his gift of Rap and poetry. Now a licensed Pastor, Pastor Rez birthed Right Now Ministries, which is an outreach to all people.
In 2003 Pastor Rez’s wife gave birth to their youngest daughter. Pastor Rez, his wife and three children are on a mission for the Lord and His people.