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I am Pastor Tim, originally from Shreveport, La. relocated to San Antonio, TX while serving in the U.S. Army. I now serve God full time as a Pastor and one of my goals is to reach the overlooked Hip-Hop community by speaking their language. I grew up on Hip-Hop and I now use it to speak to incarcerated youth and our younger generation on a monthly basis. My music is Biblically inspired, yet has a Hip-Hop twist that can't be overlooked. It's real, from God, delivered from the heart, and life changing!
I got into the Hip-Hop music arena because I found that many of the youth that are locked up in Juvenile Detention Centers and Jails across the country are being overlooked. This includes my generation (those born in the late 60’s and beyond). I know this music works, is relevant and reaches the people because I take it behind the jail house bars and to the streets on a monthly basis with a response of nothing but love and embracement.
I have reached 1000’s of people over the last few months with my videos, to include my rap videos through sites such as YouTube, GospelTube, UrbanTube, etc. I am a PhD candidate, have a Masters of Christian Ministry, etc. and I found that with all that education, if I can speak the language of those I am trying to reach, they hear nothing. What I have done with hip-hop music by way of Christian Rap works and I have witnessed this first hand as I have taken it behind the bars and into the streets. Outside of Kanye West " Jesus Walks" there hasn't been an onset of Christian Rap that has received a lot of play. Society ate it up and loved it, so we know there is a desire for more of this music. Help me cross this music over to general society, while filling a void at the same time. This is a huge, virtually untapped portion of the industry simply waiting to explode. Together we can ignite it!
If you listen to this demo and are not thoroughly moved into action, then I will be set-a-back (though I want stop pressing forward to get it out to the world). However, if you believe it is music with a purpose that will help to provide a positive influence on Hip-hop while not watering it down and simultaneously planting a seed of hope throughout our communities, then I look forward to speaking with you soon.