Pastry Case

Pastry Case

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Pastry Case is a mixture of hip-hop/indie beats, keyboards, samplers and a chanted voice. Influenced by the North American stage (Fog, Anticon…), Bertrand Blanchard (Pastry Case) lives in Clermont-Ferrand. In 2007, he joined the label Kutu Folk Records not only as an artist but also as a collaborator. He then recorded his first EP (The Great Eleven Teams Championship). That same year he participates in the international compilation of the Japanese label Hue (hip hop / folk label of Josh Martinez, former anticon) Once a Hue, Always a Hue bringing together 14 artists from Europe, U.S. and Canada. In 2009, he released his first album (Wheelchair and Jogging Suit) and participates in the Portland based Us label's, Milled Pavement Records, compilation, Goose Bumps 3.0.

In concert, Bertrand is accompanied by Emilie (Persey P.), Alex (The Delano Orchestra) and Damien (Leopold Skin).

Pastry Case has already played at Coopérative de Mai (Clermont-Ferrand), Nouveau Casino (Paris), à l’International (Paris), Debaser (Stockholm)...

"One of the best hip-hop albums recorded in France so far. High fashion pop melodies, mixed with makeshift percussion. Auvergne and France have never seemed so close to San Francisco,” Magic, April 2009

"Pastry Case, worthy of Anticon’s hip-hop-melodic experimensl" Volume, April 2009

"Stripped, slow, melancholic, without any comparison for the most part, Grand Daddy can be at times, Pastry Case tinkers wobbly bits with pieces of anything and a disembodied voice perfectly suited to the little unrealistic atmosphere of the album ", Le Nouvel Observateur, June 11, 2009

"Society will realize they need Pastry Case," To Discover Absolutely, April 2009

"More than ever, we realize that the beauty of a album is not linked to production or recording itself, but the sincerity of the artist," Froggy Delight, April 2009


- Wheelchair and Jogging Suit (Kütu Folk Records, 2009)
- Compilation Goose Bumps 3.0 (Milled Pavement Records, USA-Portland, 2009)
- Compilation Once a Hue, Always a Hue (Hue, Japan-Tokyo, 2007)
- The Great Eleven Teams Championship (Kütu Folk Records, 2007)