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I make rap music, from beats to complete tracks. I am dedicated to my craft. I have an original style of music yet I find ways of incorporating pop aspects into my songs so that they will appeal to a broad audience.


What sets me apart from other people out there trying to rap is that I'm 25 years old and I've been around the world and seen a few things. I've lived through good times and bad. I make music that is entertaining and has substance. I don't just talk about the normal run-of-the-mill fantasy rap life. I drive a Toyota and have 13 inch wheels with dusty hub caps on it. No frills. My musical influences are Eminem, 8-Ball, Devin the Dude, Scarface, Bjork, Beck, Lenny Kravitz, and John Williams.


lose control

Written By: patrick warren, BMI

Lose Control

How you gon’ tell me I don’t know how to act? Dress code relaxed.
Sittin fat - Fitted hat- with the brim to the back.
Puttin’ it down with a Fifth and a black- who be the mack?!! i
rushed the line- attacked- hit em with a blitz and a sack.

Gon make em stop and say “WHOA, Who Dat’?” it’s just a fact.
I’m a geographer- tryin’ to put myself on da’ map. Cd Baby dot com
backslash - PAT, that’s where it’s at,
I’m on the internet- constantly- checkin’ my stats.

A locomotive steady poundin’ the track- just tryin’ to blow up -like
Cadillacs double parked on streets in Iraq.
I blow flows so cold- the arctic circle get mad at me.
Put physics on hold- my words defying gravity.

Oh, I’m sorry if I just stepped on your feet -I’m blazin heat
got an excuse to let loose -and go demolish these streets.
If someone asked I be the one you should greet, now
shake my hand and recognize, boy!! or just be takin’ your seat.


- Whoa whoa whoa I’m bout to lose control-
get off ya cell phone, put ya people’s on hold. I said
whoa whoa whoa fire done got ignited- the
room got lighted yo this joint about to explode.

Whoa whoa whoa I’m bout to break the mold,
playin’ with solid gold, got the party so throwed.
Whoa whoa whoa, man! this club is old let’s dip, sip
then roll get a grip and lose control. So whoa!

Verse 2

-When I roll through, people be lookin so angrily
they just scared -cuz all peoples done came with me
maybe cuz my style so hot it’s disturbin your sleep?
Or cuz I hustle so hard, that I be earning your keep?

So many folks- wanna be loved- like they love Pac,
but I just wanna get enough love- to not get shot.
Ya see I got this lil’ plan and I’m hopin is gone work,
so I’m just scopin’ all the angles like geometry homework.

I done been to many places- from Cali to Carolina- I’m so
underground- only people know me in China.
I got to holla at Texas, the place that i’s born and raised,
started out with no plan, but now I thought of many ways.

If ya thinkin’ I’m preachy, get taught a very hard lesson, cuz
I’m born again, but the preacher had to do a C-section.
That’s just cuz I stay dirty, be so hard for boys to cope
when I set sail, leave port, fo sho’ I’m rockin the boat.


verse 3

how you gon’ say you ain’t gon buy my CD? It’s only 10 bucks, yo-
by any standard that’s a reasonable fee.
Folks and friends be fans seasonally, here today gone
tomorrow, really though- it blows, so hard to believe.

They on your team now, but sho’ it could change, that’s
why I pack an umbrella, make sure I’m never left out in the rain.
I got these units in my room bout to collect dust, so
now I’m hittin’ the road cuz makin moves is a must.

What if I strike it rich or if i go bust, nothin will change,
I’ll be the same, average joe, steady doin’ my thang,
Is it God’s will, or just a twisted plan of P.A.T.’s, no matter I’m
just a cracker trying to get a piece of cheese,

gettin better with every letter that I that I write on the page,
too brave or just too stupid to be livin’ afraid.
That’s right I didn’t stutter- so kids go- call your mother
we got a problem here- look at what just crawled out the gutter.


Leave Me Alone

Written By: Patrick Warren (BMI)


By P. Warren (BMI)

Verse 1

I’ll never exaggerate! If sex was so great, then why would I prefer not to
go out on dates and avoid finding a mate?
I’d rather stay home late- (and) wear a mask and a cape-
read comic books as I masturbate, sit square in a chair and pace

up and down at a faster rate and pretend that I’m on the chase
of an evil villainous snake. (Quick! before “ONE-EYE” escapes!)
Grope him and choke him make all his venom evacuate!
Prepare to meet your fate! Ready! Aim! Fire! Ejaculate in the faces

of those who said practice abstinence Pat, and wait!
Put hypocrites in their place, and now the world IS safe!
My chastity is not, (Hey!) but that’s another case besides
not many virgins remain available to relate.

Every sperm is sacred- a topic of hot debate-
my testes tied - none of mine’s- will find an exit out the gate..
I’m the master of disastrous, hap-hazardous waste,
and a victim of self-inflicted premeditated rape.

I make love to me (myself) so often, I might turn gay. I’m 24
my forearms large as George Foreman’s back in the day.
Resembling Popeye, behaving like Dennis the Menace -I’m
harder than George Bush attempting to finish a sentence. Hee hee hoo!


Everybody back off me and just let me do my own thing.

I’d rather do what I wanna do even if it means being lonely.

I have a hard time going out in public cuz I just can’t be phony.

I don’t wanna be here. I just want to go home. Leave me alone.

Verse 2

Everybody having a good time, sharing a laugh? The joke’s
on you when I show up to the party in drag.
People starting to gag “Did someone order a stripper?” with a
Ronald Reagan mask yelling “(Let’s) Win one for the Gipper!”.

I’m a Cinderella story, now that would explain the slippers.
R and R, S and M? now that would explain the zippers.
Women collapse and gasp as I grasp hold of me knickers showing
camel toe “nah ah momma get’s mad when do you don’t tip her”

shave my pubes in front of a full room of just dudes tuck
my nuts under my butt ask how good do I look nude?
Find the most anorexic girl and start making my moves
tell her how much better she’d look if she’d steer clear of the food.

Start acting confused when she gets mad and says that I’m rude
and say “I’m sorry I can’t hear you over all the pounds you need to lose.”
Ask her to go bed, when she gets up angry instead
I’ll trip her underfed skinny legs. “Say hi (for me) to Jenny Craig!”

Don’t call me immature! I’ll show you immature!
I’ll make out right now with them! “Who?” You, him, and her!
“You’re embarrassing us! Grow up!” but I disagree “I’m already
6'4" how much taller you want me to be?!!!!” (C'mon be serious)


Verse 3

I’m not anti-social. (Me?) I just hate people. (No!?)
That’s not a mental problem. (Well) That just means I’m evil. (True) I
still get invited to parties it’s hard in part though to part with
the part of me that’s more than partly retarded. “Pardon?”

“Sorry I meant I brought a fifth of Bacardi,” but
drank most of it with this homeless guy outback in your garden.
“What you mean he wasn’t invited? He looked so excited
to see the keys in your van and prove to me he could drive it.”

I haven’t seen him since. How should I know where went
he said something bout Mexico- it’s not like we we’re great friends.
Geez, you act like you expect me to know everything about all
the people I meet randomly at night on the street?

I don’t think things through. I drink things through. And
if you drank as much as me, you would see things too.
I feel great, I feel swell- you can kiss Pat’s ass when we
both know I’m too drunk to drive so why the hell are you asking?

You want to me to act polite and be nice? just on the surface,
knowing good and well large groups of people gonna make me nervous.
You don’t want me to come back? That’s fair. I can do that.
but is now a bad time to tell you I had sex with your cat? (“PAT!!!!!!”)


Don't Scream

Written By: Patrick Warren (BMI)

Don’t Scream

Patrick Warren, (BMI)

Verse 1

It’s your boy Pat don’t need a pat on my back
I know I can’t rap, I know I ain’t black -I know that I’m whack
and any other insult that you got put it back cuz
I done heard it all before so I ain’t needing your crap.

Look out! I bust down the door-
everybody get down on the floor!-
I’m letting shots off at negative feedback, - everybody
and their mom’s a critic and I don’t need that.

You say you shine real bright? That’s real nice,
do something besides nothing and maybe you’ll have something in life
besides dreams- because dreams without
work ain’t nothing but a dangerous thing.

So before you start speaking my name and saying the game’s
out of my range in the year 2000 and change,
stop! re-think whatever it is you mean but
whatever it is you do, just don’t scream.


I’ll do whatever it takes (don’t scream!)
I’ll do whatever it takes (don’t scream!)
I’ll do whatever it takes - no matter what I gotta break
I’ll do whatever it takes so

Don’t scream! (Whisper) I’ll do whatever it takes
Don’t scream! (Whisper) I’ll do whatever it takes
Don’t scream! (Whisper) I’ll do whatever it takes
no matter who I gotta shake I’ll do whatever it takes so


Verse 2

I do whatever it takes-from- moving in silence to pairing
up with dudes that choose to use violence,
just to get my point across I got verbs for days
words for weeks so I’m never at a loss,

just a goofy white kid- ain't grew up in the hood,
but moved out my parents' house- got there quick as i could.
so I could start living the dream of what I seen on
my home TV screen and in magazines.

It’s true very few gonna accept me, I pity
the majority of folks dumb enough to reject me.
No, they won’t sweat me til I break through,
and when I aim at you, that’s what I came to do.

Now people circle around just to see Pat talk like
old folks circle ‘round tv's to see Matlock.
Finally my dreams came true who would have
thought I’d have a concert right in front of Payless Shoes? Now that’s pimpin’



I keep on trying keep on hustling
keep on striving keep on vibing
no matter what people say they never ruin my day, hey

Ruin my day,
Naw, they’ll never ruin my day, hey.

Verse 3

I do whatever it takes to get the job done
now little kids with braces saying I’m “Awessssome”.- I’m-
doing the best with what I’s given- the
ambivalent rap equivalent of Papst Blue Ribbon.

I done stepped in crawling slow I crept in
wearing some clothes -look like I slept in.
Feeling like I just woke up - I’m cranky,
say girl I’ve been naughty come here and spank me.

-Hold up! -Now you think less of me? Just cuz
I got a lick of sense and a vasectomy?
Now you can’t come and get the best of me, no litter
for kitty - cuz you ain’t infecting me.

Ya see cuz I can be me and not be mean- but
I can’t be me and not de-mean.
And this just means- that- I ruined your scheme,
cry and pout and point and blame me- but, but, but don’t scream.



I have released a CD. I continue to make music for myself as well as for other rap artists. I have songs that gets internet radio spins. So far no commercial radio, as it's hard for an indie without $ for serious promotion.

Set List

I can do any amount of songs that you need. I don't do cover songs. Sorry.