Inspired by odd-ball new wave, Pataphysics is a high energy act that combines whimsical lyrical content with danceable pop rock which never fails to even get the most jaded indie rock crowds groovin'. The influences of post-punk and art inspired rock are apparent, but newly realized in our songs.


The band started when Pat had written enough material. The line up was Pat, Chef, Dustin Kilgore, and Dirk. Matt and Sam later joined when Dustin moved to Chicago. We played our first show at Threadgill's on Cinco de Mayo of '07 ( and then Pat went and did a solo performance on Chic-a-Go-Go in the following July ( We played an official showcase at SxSW '08 and released our first album, "Take a Look Out Your Window," on a vinyl record in April of '08. We opened for Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti on their summer tour of '08, and we played Emo's free week in Jan. '09. Currently, they are booking a tour for late May of '09


"Take a Look Out Your Window" LP on Business Deal Records released 4/11/08. Played regularly on local radio stations. Our record has been played on WFMU New York, KAOS Olympia, KUOI Moscow, KVRX Austin, and on the mutant sounds blog among other places.

Split 7" with Mixel Pixel, Yip-yip, Show is the Rainbow, Salon Cops, and Machine Drum. To be released.

Set List

Take a Look Out Your Window, Big Mouth, You Make Me Feel Like a Weirdo, Miniskirts and Bikinis, Stake, Emerging Mrs. Bray, Shopping Mall, Ladyfriend, Training Wheels, When You Went Underwater, Jesus Grow A Handlebar Mustache For Me, we cover the Red Krayola's "Hurricane Fighter Plane." Our set is usually about 30 - 40 minutes.