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Patboy hip hop in maya

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo, Mexico | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | INDIE

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo, Mexico | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2009
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"A hit: A talk with Pat Boy"

jesús Pat Chablé aka Pat Boy is a MC with many years of being part of rap made in Mexico, although just until this couple of years he began to highlight his reputation. Pat Boy belongs to the generation of MCs that rap in native languages ​​that, for the first time in the country's history, are making a dent in the general discourse of independent music, with its very particular formula of leafy raps. At the present time that societies live on the planet, the discourse and the ways of the ancestral cultures of Mexico are of vital relevance to chart a future. And it is just through merger initiatives between the most remote and the closest, as is the case with rappers like Pat Boy, that this path acquires a face and becomes a palpable reality.

Pat Boy was born in Quintana Roo and his native language is Maya, which he uses to sing fast and powerful hip-hop songs, which make him one of the key artists of this genre in the Yucatan Peninsula today, a place with a rich tradition of hip hop conscious and attached to activism, which is already counted in double digits. Although his videos have won thousands of views on YouTube, Pat Boy is a humble artist and close to his community, with a message that resonates more and more throughout Mexico.

Currently Pat Boy promotes I am a Máasewáal (Maya DNA, 2018), musical material that carries the message of indigenous pride, commitment to work and simplicity, always putting the Mayan culture on high. We chat with the greatest exponent of Mayan rap in the region, a hit! Check out what he told us below.

NOISEY: What is it like to rap and Hip-Hop in the Yucatan Peninsula?
Pat Boy: Rapping here is a bit complicated since it is not very well accepted and it is unpopular, it is believed that letters only talk about addictions, words with insults or that women are denigrated, so it costs a little Working to take that idea away from people that rap exists where we don't include all that.

How would you define Mayan rap?
It is the expression of the youth of the communities that talks about their culture and traditions through the rap genre

Do you consider yourself the greatest exponent of this genre?
I don't consider myself the greatest exponent, since there are other kids who sing and do it well. But I consider myself and I think I am one of the pioneers of this genre.

What other artists are rapping in Maya?
There are several boys and gentlemen who rap here in the Yucatan Peninsula. An approximate, I can tell you that they are like 80 to 100 people or they can even be more. I really don't have an exact figure. To mention a few, there are: The Maya, Ich Naah, MC Chicob, Tihorapers and I have a collective, ADN Maya, which has 20 artists who sing in Maya, all from the Yucatecan peninsula.

How is the experience of winning thousands of views in your YouTube videos every day?
It's something amazing. Before things were not as easy as now that there is the Internet and social networks, which greatly facilitate the dissemination of my music helping me to reach places that I would not believe before being able to arrive.

Tell me about “Mayan Blood.” What are your cultural references?
This phrase has its history. It is not just a phrase as such. It is something that represents all of us who are proud of our Mayan culture; that we have blood of our Mayan ancestors, blood of warriors who defended their culture, their beliefs, their traditions; that they resisted and that we continue to resist until today; blood of traditions inherited by our ancestors from generation to generation; blood that tells a story of big cities, creators, farmers, mathematicians, scientists, artists, etc .; blood of the Mayan culture that is still alive to this day. For this reason, me and a rapper friend El Cima Atte., May he rest in peace, we made a song with that title and it was a success, to which many people feel identified with that phrase.

What is the most emotional thing you remember about José María Pino Suárez, the place where you were born?
The memory I have that makes me travel through time is when I was little and I saw the unity of the people. Going out with my friends to play and see how the people were united and there was not so much partisan political influence that separated the families from my people today. Before everyone enjoyed the party that is made; Today they are divided and always ends with a lawsuit. I also remember that there were more trees and enjoyed eating out with families to enjoy their shade. That is no longer done in these times.

Tell me about that rap hotbed that was Friday the 13th.
It began as a hobby where we met to imitate other rappers who were playing in the years 2003 to 2005 where one of the songs was titled "Friday 13" of Vico C and it was where we decided to put that name to the group, we were in that Time 5 members, we dedicated ourselves to rapping in high school events and we got to record a very homemade album, all the lyrics were in Spanish.

What do you think of the guys who get in to rhyme the trucks and buses?
That they are fighting for their dream, that they want to make themselves known in some way, that they fight every day to achieve their dream and that they want to be recognized, I respect them and see myself when I started, I did not sing in trucks because there is not in my town, but I did knock on many doors, doors that closed in my face and others that half opened, but I never gave up, so when I see the guys who climb to rhyme in the trucks I support them with what I can, it's not much but that's how it starts.

What experiences did the Mental Squad leave you?
It was an experience where I decided to change the type of rap that I want to convey to people, since with this group we played in places where there was disco and at the end of singing there were people who told us things, the envious, and that did not I liked it a lot. That is why I decided to do something new at the time the group broke up, starting to rap in my native language, where today things are different: they congratulate me and I can be an example for youth.

Tell me about the lyrics of My First Step, and your acceptance in the guild.
In my first album there were 4 songs in Mayan and 7 in Spanish where many people of the 4 songs in Maya identified themselves in my community. The acceptance with this first album was very good and I got to know more than I could imagine.

What is Maya Without Limit?
It is when a Maya demonstrates that she has no limitations of being able to express herself with other artists who participated in this second album, they were collaborations where I rapped in Maya and the others in Spanish, so I could position myself in the middle of urban rap.

Tell me about your most recent work with Yazmín Novelo.
The theme of "Xiimbal Kaj" was not first planned with Yazmín; However, after I had already recorded my part on the track of the song, the producer after a while sent me the proposal to integrate Yazmín in the song and that is how we ended up working together on this song, which turned out Be a Yucatecan bomb, a hit. - NOISEY by vice




3.- SANGRE MAYA-DNA MAYA productions






In 2009 he began his solo career, promoting his first rap in Mayan language, chose his stage name as "Pat Boy", since "Pat" means shaping something or creating something new, a word in the language of his Mayan ancestors (like Jacinto Pat) who were fighters of the Mayan social war.

He focuses his work on strengthening the Mayan language and with his songs, spreads it beyond the borders, for young people and people of all ages. His goal is to reachnew horizons, marking his own style. His themes speak about the daily life of a Maya (traditions, customs, educational, about love, reflections and social struggle).Pat Boy merges his Rap with other genres such as Reggaé, Pop, Reggaeton etc.Currently Pat Boy is presented with Dj Rakalku who scratches the presentations giving a touch of hip hop culture as in the 90s. Pat Boy is the creator of the DNA Maya production house, with which he supports younger people with his Rap Ich Máaya project.

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