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Pat Canavan

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE | AFM

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Patrick Canavan & Alar Pahapill, Songs of the Earth"

In the CD liner of this album, the question is posed: "What would the earth sound like if you could hear it breathing?" This album tries to answer that question. And, boy, do they go above and beyond their goal. After listening to the album, I think the question should have really been, "How does the earth sound?" Period.

Patrick Canavan and Alar Pahapill did an exquisite job creating this album. Using drums, percussion, violins, keyboards and vocals, they bring forth a sound that emulates sounds of the world beautifully. I checked out the list of percussion instruments used in the making of this recording. If you can crash it, bang it or make any sound off it by hitting it, it was used: metal pipes, sandpaper, cowbells, dumbeks, egg shakers, U20s and much, much more.

The first track, "Morning," greets you with light drumming, as the Earth dawns a new day. Canavan on the keyboards adds a melody that lets you envision animals and people awakening to greet the coming day. "Genesis" begins with a keyboard solo that evokes thoughts of the wind blowing across an empty field. The long drawn out notes on the keyboard mimic the path of a wind where nothing exists and everything is possible.

"Sky, Stones, and Bones" have various percussion instruments trying to mimic the playing of stones and bones. Sandpaper and drums take on the role of stones being pounded against each other; sticks mimic the clacking of bones rattling against each other. I'm not sure where the "Sky" plays into this particular piece, but it does have a nice ring to it.

The rest of the album is delightful to hear. They make good use of mixing percussion instruments with a few other select instruments. The music is light to medium, a nice album to play in your living room on a rainy day. - Rambles cultural arts magazine

"CBC Canadian Broadcast Company"

"Very beautiful harmonies! Love the [Celestial Co-creation] title."

- Renee Gelpi, VP. CBC Galaxie - CBC Galaxie

"Carolina Blue Sky"

"Very impressive!"

- Lynn Minges, North Carolina tourism director - North Carolina Board of Tourism

"Carolina Blue Sky"

"I love these lyrics"

- Bill Leslie, WRAL TV personality - WRAL TV


Pat's new "LoveWorks" in the works...
1. Songs For Sale - NewLifeMedia - 2006

2. S.A.V.E. Students Against Violence Everywhere - NewLifeMedia - 2006

3. MasterPiece Monday soundtrack - Forerunner Films - 2004

4. BabySoundAsleep - NewLifeMedia - 2003

5. Newgrass- Pat Canavan and HERE - NewLifeMedia - 2001

6. Drywater Falls Pat Canavan and HERE - NewLifeMedia - 2000

7. Amplifier Soundtrack - - NewLifeMedia - 1999

8. Celestial Co-Creation - NewLifeMedia - 1997

9. Songs Of The Earth - NewLifeMedia - 1996

10. Isumataq - - NewLifeMedia - 1992

11. Mystery - Pat Canavan and U4EA - NewLifeMedia – 1989

Patrick's music is available on iTunes and where other fantastic music is sold.
It streams on the Galaxy/Bell cable network



Memorable melodies are Patrick Canavan's signature. It doesn’t matter what genre, from Rock to Acoustic Therapy, Film scores to Children’s Music. Pat creates it all.
Patrick Canavan, is a Canadian rock singer and songwriter. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, record producer, with a passion for exploring the human experience. He even hosts the podcast cooking show Toaster Oven Chef.

Patrick gained nationwide fame as a member of U4EA, DrywaterFalls and HERE. He teamed up with Painter Ken Kirkby on the monumental art project ISUMATAQ. The world’s largest portrait was accompanied by instrumental music composed by Pat as well as a rock album co-written with Honeymoon Suite bassist Gary Lalonde. The painting made history with its unveiling inside Canadian Parliament with full dignitary honours, received no public funding and toured for over two years.

Patrick has worked on film scores, created ambient acoustic therapy music used by hospitals and hospices and health practitioners, originated a series called Baby Sound Asleep that helps fussy babies and their parents sleep, released a large catalogue of songs as a solo artist; and has taken part in projects to help local charities.
Canavan hosts the popular podcast show Toaster Oven Chef with his wife Naomi Chorney; and has appeared in several other Canadian TV shows like Twice in a Lifetime with Al Waxman and the The Gavin Crawford Show.

His company New Life Media owns the copyrights to more than 200 songs. It also produces music, video content and offers media services to a varied corporate clientele. Pat was also the original secretary of Interactive Ontario’s Mobile Committee and is very involved with producing content for the mobile marketplace.