patches and gretchen

patches and gretchen

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Part train wreck, part artistic genius, Patches & Gretchen is a performative force that must be seen to be believed. Whether she's haphazardly digging through a suitcase of outrageous hats, swaggering her way through a line of forgotten lyrics, or singing deeply and passionately with a throaty moan, singer Gretchen Seichrist seems—almost accidentally—to channel the spirit and irreverence of so many late '60s and early '70s rock icons.


Patches and Gretchen is the band founded by artist / musician Gretchen Seichrist and includes, Tommy Tousey, Mike Leonard, Terry Eason, Paul Mcfarland

Following the success of her critically acclaimed debut album Music From Little Big Pink, Patches & Gretchen has received rave reviews from all major Minneapolis music critics for her sophomore release Sugar Head Pie. * In the past year Patches and Gretchen has performed with Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Scarlett Rivera, and Aimee Mann / receiving rave reviews.
An artist and single mom of two, living and working in Minneapolis,
Gretchen’s clever, funny and sophisticated songs are a testament to her life.
Gretchen co-wrote the song Medicine Wheel with her sister
Aimee Mann. The song was featured on Aimee’s 2008 album Smilers


Music From Little Big Pink - 2008

Sugar Head Pie- March 2010

Set List

1. The Time Of The Lilacs
2. Crying States
3. Blood Suitcase
4. Big Things
5. Sugar Head Pie
6. Black Market
7. Sweet Wolves
8. Ghosts I Love
9. Tired Of Chicken
10. Take The Gauze Off
11. Everything Is Indian