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"Springfest Parties like it’s 1995"

Hundreds of students and community members turned out to see national act Everclear last Saturday night at Western’s Springfest.
People in attendance met with some unexpected rules at the entrance to the festival. No backpacks or coolers were allowed through the gates. People were also not allowed to reenter the festival if they left. According to the security, these rules were in place because they were afraid of having an alcohol problem.
“We’re not allowing re-admittance so that we can control alcohol consumption,” sophomore Natasha Salemme said.
Springfest began with opening act Patchwork Blue from Fort Collins. Many students expressed their delight with this rock band.
“Patchwork Blue has a great lead singer and strong instrumentals,” sophomore Scott Caldwell said during the performance.
I think junior Sarah Schweitberger agreed. While the band was performing she told me “Patchwork Blue kills it.”
Junior Ben Knauth saw Patchwork Blue at the Coachlight on Friday night and was happy with their performance. “They’re the bomb,” Knauth said.
Patchwork Blue was very happy for their chance to open for a big headlining band like Everclear. “It was hard work getting ready for this show, but we do what we can for the fans,” Patchwork Blue manager Carey Pritchard said.
Despite being repeatedly heckled by a person screaming, “Play some Skynard,” Patchwork Blue put on a great performance, getting the crowd warmed up for Everclear.
After Patchwork Blue’s performance there was a 30-minute break before Everclear appeared on stage to almost everyone’s delight. Most people in attendance approached the front of the stage to cheer for this band that came all the way to Gunnison to perform.
As I walked the crowd I talked to many students with negative feelings about the headlining band.
“I’m glad there’s a big show in Gunnison because nothing ever happens,” community member Alec Johnson said. “I imagine they brought Everclear because they couldn’t get anyone better.”
“Everclear was great in the sixth grade,” senior Erin Alexis Boese said.
Adams State junior Lindsay Watkins almost agreed entirely with Boese. Watkins said, “Everclear was cool in the eighth grade, but their not so good now.”
Some students said they were more impressed by Patchwork Blue than by Everclear.
“I’d never heard of Everclear, but I hoped they would’ve been better,” sophomore Bobbie Sloan said.
Freshman Reid Morris agreed, saying that “Patchwork Blue was much better than Everclear.”
But not everyone was disappointed with Everclear. Many students said they loved the band and had a great time seeing them perform.
“I joined program council just because they wanted to bring Everclear,” sophomore Weston Fullmer said. “I’m a Portland boy so I love (Everclear), and I don’t care what anybody says.”
Despite the smaller turn out than expected, the ticket price, the rules at the gate and the headlining band, this year’s Springfest was a complete success.
“Everybody had a good time,” program council special events coordinator Matt Krumholtz said.
- Top O’ The World Newspaper. Western State College. Gunnison, CO. Volume 85, Issue 26. April 27, 20

"Review of "Circle of Lies""

this is why "the garage" is great - a song to me with a dave matthews feel BUT an original twist on it that's what i'm talking about - incredible vocals and performance - the band is on fire tight, clean and engaging - the production is good quality - this ones on my play list - i guarantee many listens to this - great job (sorry i got "stuck" on the performance in this review - and i hate to sound boring but this rocks!)

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Grooviest Rhythm.


"Unstoppable masterpiece from new heroes of the modern world!"

A romantic, Spanish style guitar intro sets a great tone, then come the wonderful vocals that recall prime era Rod Stewart or the Faces with a modern twist. Two thumbs up from Nicollette Knight. This is a song most of us WISH we could write. Bravo!!! - review of "Circle of Lies"

"Bodog Battle of the Bands - Round 1 review"

The show jumped to a great start with CRUSHER BOUND CADILLAC. Their tight sound and good stage presence showed why they are in this competition to win it. They made a solid play for the next round early on and made it difficult for all who followed.

Next band up in the Bodog Music Battle of the Bands was MINERVA. This talented metal band played a good set and a top contender for the top two spots.

Following them was the fresh sound of GAMBIT – a group of talented young rockers. They put on a decent set and with time will become a strong force in their genre and in the local scene. Next was ILL DISTORTION, who brought a little bit different sound. They had a DJ, heavy guitars, and received a great crowd response with a rap-rock set of cool original material.

The fifth band of the night was PATCHWORK BLUE. They brought a totally different sound to this show with acoustic guitar. Receiving an awesome response from the mostly metal-fan crowd the guys turned a lot of heads from banging to a soft nodding.

The last two bands of the night were EPITOME and THE DECIDERS. They both did a decent job, but it just wasn’t enough; when the smoke cleared, the two winners were announced. We would like to congratulate both CRUSHER BOUND CADILLAC for placing second, and our top qualifier, PATCHWORK BLUE, who simply stole the show and proved they are ready to take their act to the next level, “IN THE TRENCHES”.

WILD CARD WINNERS are still being considered and will be announced following the tally of crowd voting for the fan favorite. Please visit for wildcard winners and check your band profiles to see if you advance as a wildcard.

Thanks for all of your efforts in making this such a successful event and keep watching for updates and event information in the coming weeks.

Your partner in Independent Music.

- Brian Bishop


2002- album "Tremble Roots"
2005- EP "Sobering Lights"
2006- album "Junction"
2008- EP "Darkside"

Track "Circle of Lies" is receiving radio airplay on several online radio as well as local and national radio stations.



Patchwork Blue, a member of the modern rock genre, delivers a true patchwork of jazz, funk, Latin, and other styles, with soulful singing and sincere lyrics.

Patchwork Blue was formed in August 2001. Three men in their 20's found each other in a Coloradan college town. Each with their own unique performance, education, and musical background, they became quick friends who challenged each other every musical session. Ryan Edwards, Nate Brown, and Tony Deyo have proven that a three piece ensemble can provide an ideal "patchwork" of sound, genre, and experience.

Patchwork Blue is currently gaining mainstream popularity and recognition nationwide. Currently, the band is promoting their album Junction, released May, 2006. A new EP of "singles" is due out in late 2007.

As a testament to their rising popularity, in April, 2005, Patchwork Blue shared the stage with national performing act, Everclear. In addition, Patchwork Blue secured the opening slot at the Grand Opening of Larimer County's Budweiser Events Center, making them the first band to perform at The Ranch. Patchwork Blue has been fortunate enough to travel coast to coast on a six week nationwide tour (Summer, 2006), playing renouned and historic venues including, Wisefools Pub (Chicago), The Q (Iowa City), The Relapse Theatre (Atlanta), and Club Fred (Fresno).

As a result of the bands incredibly diverse backgrounds, each member of Patchwork Blue takes a rhythm lead approach to their instruments, giving the group a depth of sound more characteristic of a five-piece band. No two shows are alike and the groups dedicated fans, who come back concert after concert, never know exactly what to expect, other than a captivating ride featuring a maturity of songwriting and musical ability that defies their 20-something energy.

Check out their website at or at their myspace URL