"born out of an improvisational spirit and the beautifully bittersweet meeting of daydreaming and reality." -Capital Times (8/11/08)


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Patchwork, has undergone lineup change after lineup change, dissolved and reformed countless times and remained an unpredictable and endearing fixture in the Madison, WI music community. After spending a few months wood-shedding songs in a South Madison warehouse, Jeremiah Nelson emerged with a batch of songs that echo the space they were born, ranging from scatterbrained amplified rants to whispery lo-fi pop. Going right for the central nerve, the title track and most raucous from Take me down the Interstate climaxes over clanging guitars,

“Tell me what are you supposed to do? / First you’re dumb and in love then you’re old and immune... / Every place feels the same / It’s just another stop on the Intestate.”

The album is a testament to life on the road, drunken sing-a-longs and hard-earned thinly-spread paychecks. It’s not for the faint of heart but its dog-eared charm should resonate with folks who have been through the ringer a couple times.


Don't Worry

Written By: Jeremiah Nelson

Don't Worry

Don't you worry now. Nothing is gonna harm you with my arms around you. Just go and start the car and then down the road we will go a-singing and fade into the distance. When all you ever seem to hear is how the world will drown in fear, it's nice to know you're somewhere new to breathe

All the time I spent pressed up against the window, whoever thought I'd end up here and I don't understand why we make these molds no one can fit into. you try and then begin to find that all the lies you tell yourself could never do you too much help & your house of cards begins to fall apart

Wait now, maybe I'm wrong but when you're starting to sink in, it's a mighty good time to swim


Written By: Jeremiah Nelson


The summer came and went so fast and you're not looking back.

Your days are pulling slot machines and passing evil dreams

Well I did what I could do not to bother you

but like a telescoping lens, I just can't look away… I zoom in

You studied pharmacology… funny how that goes

Now you're seeing trails and following footprints in the snow

Your stars have all gone numb but the darkness is something

We could turn off the sun – even that wouldn't spoil your fun

I'll be drinkin' with my brothers soon in the South Dakota sky

and we'll be laughin' as we watch the Spaceships goin' by

and each one is designed to get lost in the sky

over sleepy towns and you hear the humming sound


Take Me Down the Interstate (2008)
Work and Worry (2007)
Dancing on a Fallen Sky (2006)

Set List

The setlist is different at each show. I will play most of the songs from the albums with occasional covers in the vein of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Elliott Smith...