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Patrick Davis infuses hardcore, indie rock and hiphop into an explosive sound that is musical, passionate and lyrical. *Patrick is also a dynamic speaker. His relevant, transparent approach has helped thousands connect their faith to the world they live in everyday.


"You came to my church tonight at Bridgeman Downs in Brisbane Australia, and your message spoke to me in so many ways. I came up and thanked you afterward but I wanted to say thank you again as when Jesus spoke through you tonight it changed my life forever. It took away pain I have felt for as long as i can remember. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-Heidi (Australia)


If you would've told me when I was a kid, that I would be in and and out of prison, overdose on drugs to the point of being comatose for three days and see my brother get murdered all before the age of 19, I would've never believed you. No one could point me out on the playground from all the other kids, and know the monster I would one day become. How does a boy go from playing little league baseball, to stealing cars, selling crack cocaine, robbery with a firearm, and kidnapping 5 people?

I can't say I remember a certain time when things changed. Some people say you are a product of your environment. To an extent, I agree with that. But, I think a lot of things contributed to my downfall. My father leaving the five of us. The abuse, the desire as a kid for acceptance but never receiving it . I never would've imagined one day I would be facing 45 years in prison for aggravated robbery with a gun, and five counts of kidnapping.

As I sat there in my cell, awaiting my trial, I starting thinking about everything I had been through. The time we broke into the wrong car, to see a guy come out with a 9mm in his boxers trying to blow my head off. I'll never forget the day we took those hits of L.S.D., and waking up three days later to find out my heart almost exploded and I was in a coma. Or how about the time, we were pushing crack on someone elses turf, and the rival dealer running us off the road and getting thrown through the windshield. It was all funny back then.

Smoking weed until we passed out, only to wake up and do it again. The years passed by without me never even knowing it. It seemed like at one point there were so many people who wanted to kill me, I didn't know how much longer I would live. Sleeping with a gun, the paranoid feelings followed me everywhere. One day a car load of rival dealers drove down my street with all of their guns pointed at me. I was certain that day was going to be my last. Then the incarceration, how did I manage to always escape serious time? Suddenly, the sound of a key in my cell door brang me back to reality.

It was a C.O. (Corrections Officer or Guard), "Patrick, I've got some bad news for you." I almost had to stop from laughing. Wait a minute, you've got some bad news for me? Let's see, I'm about to do 45 years in the penintentiary, how much worse can it get. "Your brother, Larry, was stabbed to death last night in downtown Cleveland".. It's like everything was in slow motion. I saw his mouth move, I heard the sounds, but it took a minute for it to register. So while facing 45 years, I find out my brother, Larry, was dead. Immediately, I went into an animalistic rage. I started throwing chairs, it took about 10 guards to get me in my cell. I never saw him get buried, never went to the funeral, I spent the next month in solitary confinement. The guy who killed my brother, never went to jail, and today he is a police officer. Is it jus-tice or just-us?

I never would've imagine what would happen next. After three and a half years, I was released from prison. Not 45 years, after three and a half years. Something happened in solitary confinement, that words will never be able to adequately convey. I had an encounter with the Creator of the Universe. Jesus Christ, revealed Himself to me in a way I never dreamed was possible. It was purely supernatural. From that moment I was forever changed, and miraculous things started happening almost immediately.

Writing was something I used to do to relieve stress in prison. I never had a dream to be a musician. It was theraputic to me, like a release. I never would've believed that only 10 years from the day my brother died, I would be writing this and things would be the way they are now. I've had the priveledge to travel the United States, and other countries to share my music with people. People like me. The broken, the lost, the outcasts, the rejected and forgotten, the imprisoned, the addicts, the upper class and the lower class. Who would've thought that one day someone in the United Kingdom would buy my record, or someone in Sri Lanka would be inspired by one of my songs. Or that Australia would welcome me to do a month long tour. Who was I? Just a kid from the streets of Cleveland that society had written off as a lost cause..

Who am I? I am the rose that grew from concrete. I am a survivor of the cruel streets of south-east Cleveland. I am someone who has sha


Toured extensively through out U.S.A.
and coming up on his 3rd tour in Australia.

2000 - "Backdraft"
2003/2004 - "Till My Last Breath"
2004/2005 - "Real Music Compilation"
2005/2006 - "Wake Up"
2007/2008 - "Erasing The Revelation"
2007/2008 - "Dead Serious (DVD)
2008 - Video Messages (DVD)

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Set List

Set list can vary from venue to venue. Usual
set is from 35-45 minutes. If speaking is required
set usually goes 60-120 minutes.

Patrick does a mixture of songs from his last
4 albums, mixed with speaking and his wife,
Jackie leading worship. Patrick can target his
music and message for any environment or
location and demographic.