Pat Flanakin

Pat Flanakin

 Hermitage, Tennessee, USA
SoloPopChildren's Music

Acoustic, in the style of James Taylor, Jim Croce, James Blunt


Pat has been a pro musician most of his life, played in various bands, and as a solo artist, has opened for some major acts, but has recently been concentrating on writing. Pat has written over 400 songs in different genres, including singer/songwriter, country, pop, rock, blues, children's music, and holiday music. He writes, sings, produces, and plays all the instruments on 99% of all his recordings. He plays guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, drums, and a little piano and fiddle. One of his songs was slated for a CD by a new artist, but it has yet to be released. Another of his songs is prominently featured in the critically acclaimed film "Van Vorst Park" starring Frank Vincent. and another one is on the Expose Your Muse CD, recently featured at the 2008 MIDEM Music Festival. His children's CD "In The Land Of Make Believe" is a CD Baby favorite, and they state they like it so much that if the customer doesn't like it, they will refund their money. Often compared to James Taylor, Pat is a consummate singer/songwriter in his own right.


It's A Quarter To One

Written By: Pat Flanakin

Well, it's a quarter to one
And she'll soon be home
When the bar room closes down
She'll take her waitress suit off
And slip in by my side

And by a quarter to two
She'll say I love you
And I'll sqeeze her oh so tight
How was your night
And she'll say fine

Don't keep me waitin' with my heart
Achin' for your arms
Honey don't be late
I can hardly wait
For the love we've got

Well, by a quarter to three
We'll be wrapped up in sheets
Intangled in the night
Two bodies woven tightly
In a lover's dance

And by a quarter to four
We'll do it all once more
And then fall fast asleep
Nobody's gonna keep
Us far apart


Well, it's a quarter to one
And she'll soon be home
When the bar room closes down
She'll make the waiting hours I spend here
Quite alright

Now there's her key at the door
How I've heard it before
A thousand lonely nghts
They always turn out right
When she gets home



CDs - "In The Land Of Make Believe" (children's CD) and "Hard Times" (alternative rock). Go to & patflanakin2 to listen to selected tracks.