Pat Gillis

Pat Gillis


Deriving strength from unconventionality, Celtic guitarist Patrick Gillis' upside-down-and-backward style of percussive energy and virtuosity can be described in one word--brilliant. Patrick is seen as a leader in the integration of guitar into the traditional Cape Breton musical landscape.


From Scotsville, Cape Breton, Patrick Gillis grew up with traditional music being played almost constantly in his home. His father uncle, and two older brothers playing the fiddle gave Patty a great appreciation and understanding of Celtic music.

Along with his love for the music, he brings a great amount of energy that can be heard in his accompaniment and in his solos. Being left handed and only having right handed guitars around, Patrick learned to play up-side down and backwards, because "no one ever told me the difference" he says... Some call it "donkey style".

Patrick has toured the States with Cullin, played in Howie Mac Donald's Celtic Brew, played with Ashley MacIssac, Natalie Mac Master, and Glenn Graham, and has played in different festivals throughout the U.S, Canada and Europe with Canada's vibrant award-winning celtic band Beolach.


Beolach - Variations ~ 2004
Beolach - Beolach ~ 2002