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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop Experimental




"April 2015 Winner - Best Rap Album-East Coast"

“Demonstrating surprising versatility and honesty, Path P delivers this hard-hitting rap tour de force with consummate skill, poise and musicality."
- - The Akademia Music Awards

"PATH P - Thesedays, Exclusive Interview"

“WWS: What are some things artists need to be careful of?
PATH P: Getting too close to your art! It’s like the concept of Burning Man; learning to let go and not be so consumed with your art or whatever you hold close. It can be a detriment in the long run if you want to build an illustrious career. But it depends on what you want out of the music. Some are in it for the artistry, some for the fame and money. Me personally, what I take from it is that if you really love what you do, and you do it passionately, and people can see that, then the fame and money portion will potentially fall into place.” - WWS magazine

"PATH P, Shifting Into High Gear (Feature Article)"

Born and raised by a single parent in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York, Colin Lawton’s stage name PATH P stands for Positioned At The Highest Point. The lyricist’s music is a reflection of his everyday life and how the external world influences him. His lyrics are said to reflect his want for justice, righteousness, or just pure expression of lyrical capability and creativity. Dabbling in writing rhymes since his mid adolescence inspired by longtime friend Ganz Gutta, PATH P didn’t fully realize his love for music until 2008 and since has embarked on a path to promote his brand of socially aware and creatively charged Hip Hop.

Upon solidifying a long standing relationship with music artist and producer Mario “Thre3” Rivera III, the duo are a match made in musical heaven. With PATH P’s lyrics and delivery marrying Thre3’s beats with conviction they managed to create a sonic experience not as common in today’s Hip Hop scene. Their debut collaborative effort, LifeInTheRealestHue (2014) earned the titled Best Rap Album (East Coast) from the Akademia Music Awards in April of 2015. As a follow up the duo released the EP The Heal (2015) and their anticipated LP Indigo is slated for a late 2015 release.

PATH P has performed notable NYC venues like SOBs, The Bowery Poetry Club, and Arlene’s Grocery. As 2016 approaches expect him to shift into high gear and enter the New Year at full throttled speeding to further success. - Rude Boy Lifestyle (RBL) Magazine

"I AM PR Exclusive: A One-on-One with @PATHPMusic"

Hey everyone!

We recently sat down with our client Path P to learn more about him and his amazing talent!

Read an excerpt here:

3. What are the main tools you use to promote yourself? What successful strategies have you been implementing to reach the masses?

I’m definitely all over my social networks. I’m promoting my music on my personal Facebook profile, my Facebook Artist page, my Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube, Reverbnation, Bandcamp and of course, my personal website. As I stated before, I also recognize the importance of getting in front of people. There’s still power in personal connection, I’m a very firm believer in that. I work to examine what’s working and what’s not. I may tag my network and other artists that I respect on new posts of music/videos/etc. with authentic want for feedback and engagement.

I use the sponsored advertising on Facebook. You gotta believe in and truly value your worth as an artist. I invest in myself by staying abreast of industry trends in music, software, events and shows as often as possible. I believe in my value as an artist and as a person period. So I put money behind my work. I’ve been blessed to have developed the necessary skills in design, photography and overall marketing, so I know what it is to build my brand aesthetic, and I build it for every aspect, from a single cover art, to a Facebook/Twitter banner, to a full blown site, to merchandising. - I AM PR Agency

"July 2016 Winner - Best Rap/Hip Hop Album"

'Path P is a Renaissance man, a hip-hop agent of change in a time of narrow proficiencies and connect-the-dots careers; this driven, uptempo album covers more territory in an hour than most artists will in a lifetime.' - The Akademia Music Awards


May 23, 2017 - Revolution & Legacy Vol. I: The Revolution (EP)

June 19, 2016 - Indigo (LP)

Aug. 17, 2015 - The Path of P: Mixtape

Mar. 18, 2015 - The Heal (EP)

May 23, 2014 - LifeInTheRealestHue (LP)

Nov. 30, 2012 - 12:49AM: The Mixtape



Independent Recording artist, PATH P (Positioned At The Highest Point), aka Colin Lawton, is a lyricist born & raised in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, NY. PATH’s music provides a soundscape of healing, empowerment and overall enrichment of the soul, serving as a lyrically charged voice on behalf of the people. 

Writing rhymes off and on since the age of 16 with the inspiration of longtime friend, Ganz Gutta, PATH P officially realized the love and passion for making music, particularly Hip Hop, back in 2008 and has since embarked on the career path to bring his brand of socially aware and creatively charged hip hop to the forefront of the worldwide masses.

Since '08, upon connecting and building a long standing relationship with fellow music artist and producer, Mario "Thre3" Rivera III, PATH and Thre3 have developed as a match made in musical heaven; with PATH's lyrics and delivery marrying Thre3's beats with conviction they managed to create a sonic experience not as common in today's Hip Hop scene. As a result, their debut collaborative LP, LifeInTheRealestHue (released in May of 2014) garnered them "award-winning" status, as the project earned the title of "Best Rap Album/East Coast" from the Akademia Music Awards in April of 2015. Since then the duo have release an EP The Heal in March 2015 and presented the sophomore LP, INDIGO on June, 19, 2016 which brought PATH his 2nd Academia Award for Best Rap Album.

Revolution & Legacy, PATH’s latest 2-part project, takes a slightly different sonic turn in contrast to his previous albums yet it doesn’t stray in continuing to tell a well-rounded story of reflection, pain, love, internal plight, empowerment, peace, celebration and liberation. Revolution & Legacy, Vol. I: The Revolution is PATH’s latest award-winning EP, featuring original production from Old Boy Sosa Beats, bringing forth a soundtrack to revolutionary thought and intentional awakening and awareness for the masses in the face of our current socio-political climate.

On August 20, 2019, PATH is releasing his long awaited 3rd LP, “Revolution & Legacy, Volume II: The Legacy”, a 15-track eclectic soundscape featuring original beat production by producer, MythMuzik. #RandLv2 is PATH’s most vulnerable lyrical display yet, telling his storied exploration of his legacy, running the gamut from growing up fatherless to dealing with Love, Depression, Social Responsibility and coming to terms with the impact of his artistry and personal successes thus far.

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