Pathetic Losers

Pathetic Losers


Pathetic Losers is a truly "alternative" band in the truest sense of the word. It mixes punk, grunge, alternative country and folk, and any other genre. It ranges from fast and loud to slow and soft. Everything from distorted guitars to lap steel and pedal steel guitars to mandolins.


Influenced by everthing from Woody Guthrie & Leadbelly to Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters & Howlin Wolf. From Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Stones, the Who & Led Zepplin, to Bruce Springsteen & Tom Petty. From the Ramones, the Sex Pistols & the Clash to The Police, U2 & REM. From Guns & Roses, Nirvana & Pear Jam to Green Day, the Offspring & Rancid. From the Flying Burito Brothers, Gram Parsons to Uncle Tupleo, Wilco, Son Volt & Wiskeytown. Try to mix genres as much as possible, but also try tradition syles , be it country or punk.


Albums - The Lost Generation; Life Sucks Then You Die ... and Other Love Songs; Sounds from the Undergroud, Rodell Records, P.O. Box 93457, Hollywood, Ca. 90093. Airplay on WXEL in Danbury, Ct. (203)837-9924