Pathological Lovers

Pathological Lovers


Explosive and inviting Rock from Canada's far east stodged with intricate soaring melodies, relentless drive and countless surprises - a tacklebox of self-sharpening hooks. "Best thing I saw all week! The buzzband of this year's ECMAs. Why aren't these guys HUGE?" Craig Norris CBC Radio 3 - 2011


Nominated for Best Video and Best Alternative Recording - ECMA 2011

Calling All Favours- Best Alternative Recording
Music NL Awards 2010

Winner of the Atlantic Music Prize - 2010

Favorite Alternative Band - 2010 Best of St. John's. Scope Magazine.

Pathological Lovers have the enviable ability to compose concise radio-friendly, hook-laden gems, yet also to unfold sprawling musical epics that leave the listener dazzled and exhausted. They can rivet a live audience with fearless tightrope improv, and pack a dance floor with fist-pumping anthems.

They are a band of talented musicians whose ethic to push the limits of sound structure and quantity of content has made them a forerunner in the next new wave of influential creators. Their work is rooted in the lyrical quality of singer-songwriters but, through tireless development and collective invigoration, their pieces attain a level of density and scope that can make people literally scream out loud.

They make music that has an impressive shelf life – staying in your stereo, car or house long after most. And that’s empirical wisdom, there. They’re for driving fast to, feeling fragile to and picking yourself back up to. Their songs are about hurt and healing, success and failure. PLs put a lot of heart and mind into their playing, and the loyalty of their fans attests to it.

There has been a real momentum building lately with the PLs and as they begin pre-production on their second full length album "We Can't Even Lose" all hands are excited for what's to come.


Parking Lot In Life

Written By: Jody Richardson

Parking Lot In Life

It's just crazy, crazy
'Cause I know you're over there lonely
'Cause I know I'm over here lonely too
And I know you love me, love me
I know you're over there thinking of me
'Cause I'm over here thinking of you

The shining leaves, the misty trees
The night outside is in between
19 streets to reach your room
to reach your bed, to see your face
oh, but timing and place

If only you were older, If only I was younger
But only one of these will come true
I work the clutch and gas
you change the gears and laugh
and take the car from 4 to 2

It's sad to say our secret's safe
we made it through, no one has proof
no one will know how great we were
the damage is only to you and I
only to you and I

This scar inside my wrist
I burned beneath a fist
my anger manifest to see
but now it makes me smile
reminds me of a wild and daring love
we bravely saved complete

To say I love you is not enough
to say I miss you doesn't touch
the longing that I feel for you tonight
but I'll sleep inside the bliss
of knowing I'm not alone in this.

It's just crazy, crazy
holding you again on Sunday
being your man, feeling like I should
but Monday is foggy, rainy
higher minds deciding maybe
being low will be the greater good.

Storm Your Little

Written By: Pathological Lovers

By all at my command I’m going to storm your little heart
And lay it waste and then I’m going to drive you to work
Side lanes and roads, past the occupier’s positions
This street, my sweet. I’ll see you soon.

Cafe days we spent in praise of ourselves
and our club nights calling others down
Now trapped by all our bridges burned out
turns out the friends we called
are not the friends who came around
they knew that the falling walls meant them a better view
so they cut ties and ran the rumors till they made them true

now here we are surrounded
these trying times will tie and bind
and bond at random, so keep me in your heart

All I need to know is however far away
My corner is at least I know that you are in it
However far away my corner is at least I know

Maybe, maybe, maybe, this is as good as it gets
Maybe this right now, maybe this right now is the zenith
Aww, shouldn’t we kiss and grab at each other?
Shouldn’t we kiss and grab at each other

Christmas lights
in the trees around, around the lake
Turn them off and on
And on the hill, from your bed
you can see my signal, my signal
and my answer....
You make the plans and I'll carry them
You make the plans and I’ll carry them

By all at my command
I’m going to storm your little heart
And lay it waste.

All I need to know is however far away
My corner is at least I know that you are in it
What would make it better is spending time together.

You voice would be nice to hear right now
‘cause right now, I’m feeling not so tough


They're Playing Our Chord - EP
Calling All Favours - Debut LP

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