Pathos is a band that puts a great deal of emotion into their music. They take great pride in putting on extremely high energy, yet musical shows. The sound is melodic, heavy, and sometimes ambient. Think maybe between Tori Amos and A Perfect Circle. Oh...and they gotta chick singer.


Pathos plays intense melodic music, and they love their much so that they are willing to wear themselves out every night that they're on stage, often feeling sore, but never letting the music suffer. To say that their stage energy is high might be an understatement. The past years of Pathos' existence has seen its members share the stage with the likes of Agents of the Sun, Ben Harper, Cold, Five Bolt Main, Journey, Kansas, Pillar, Tommy Womack, and others. With a new EP coming out on iTunes, touring under their belt, and a whole new batch of songs in the works, Pathos is ready to take their career as far as their steadily-growing fanbase allows.


"Pathos" - Debut Self Titled EP Release
-Available on iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster

Set List

Pathos usually plays 40-60 minute sets...due to the fact that most gigs are shared bills with other bands. Longer sets can be had if desired. It's all original music, but the group hasn't shunned the idea of playing some covers from time to time.