Pathway to Providence

Pathway to Providence


Our genre is a mix between a jumble of different tastes ranging from pop punk,indie,experimental,rock,to a harder feel.


Pathway to Providence, started as a group of freshman friends hanging out and writing music. After four years the band has endured a string of line up changes in their wake and are very happy to say they are still a group of friends hanging out and writing music.They welcomed with open arms the newest additions and began immediately pounding the pavement. For the last year or so they have been hard at work on what you will all know as "Hello World". With a more mature, yet still still distinctive and catchy sound, Pathway to Providence is still holding onto the early dreams of being the becoming a band to look up to.Not receiving any handouts and having to work hard for everything they have,has taught them so much and hopefully one day everything is going to pay off.


Demo- "The Arrival" 2005/2006
EP-"Encore." 2007
Full Length" Hello World"2008
We're Constantly writing new material

Set List

Night Suit
I am the Tower
Meet me at the Terminal
Hazy Eyes
Hurricane (New Song)