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"PATIENCE" is a young Atlanta native who has a passion for music and hip-hop is his tool of choice!! With his unmistakable style and cutting edge tracks he delievers lyrics that boldly tell the truth about GOD, Life, and everyday situations...


Arnell Mccoy also known as "Patience" is a young man on a mission to spread truth to everyone who is willin to listen. Grounded by his strong belief in God he uses Hip-hop to encourage,uplift and motivate all people young and old to take a stand for the truth and to not to be ashamed of it!!!


No Need

Written By: arnell"patience"mccoy

If you prayin about the situation please don't worry, you might be callin on the Lord he might not come in a hurry ,but best believe that he's always right there on time his schedule is never clogged He an't fallin behind, just remind yourself that this is just a test of your faith you never runnin out alone when you runnin this race, trials are placed in your life to help to build you up come to Christ a empty vessel he will fill you up, it an't luck all thats happenen is pre-ordained and the sufferin and pain it is not in vain ,cause his aim is to see your character unfold you gone be tried in the fire just to come out gold and i know that sometimes you don't want to be strong Gods got big sholders so that you can lean on, when you feel your grip is slippin and you can't hang on open your heart up and listen to the words of this song! (verse 1)


My most current cd is entitled Grindin 4 Truth. I currently have tracks streaming on line at airplaydirect.com and you can view my live performances at youtube.com/patience4christ

Set List

My typical set is between 15-30 minutes and consists of 4 songs. My typical set list is 1.off top 2.bow down 3.pray 4 em 4.think about it. I try to work my cover into to budget.