Patient Zero

Patient Zero

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Diverse, versitile, In Your Face, Instrumental music. Moving forward to a new sonic audio-visual movement incorporating a live vj projection show.


Our universe is graced by many phenomena, both natural and supernatural. Occasionally a handful of these phenomena are cosmically and/or universally significant, and have a measurable impact on life to come. Supernovas, ice ages, significant evolutionary mutation, and "Patient Zero".

Rising up like a phoenix from the ashes of the bands "One Side Red" and "The Original Patient Zero", "Patient Zero" is a musical force to be reckoned with. Versatile in a number of styles, their sound can be described as anything from "shocking" and "awe-inspiring", to "sardonically irreverant". Easily tiring, however, of excelling merely at existing genres, the Zeros have taken their formidable skill and channeled it into the creation of a genre entirely their own, and one that is unique to them. A sound that can only be accurately described by the listener, as (much like the reflection in the mirror) the listening is a highly subjective experience.

Adam: Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Ed: Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Samples, Vocals
Mike: Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Adam, who as you have read previously, plays guitar. Adam is from the deep south originally, and I guess that just about says it all. The son of very important parents, Adam plays guitar very well for a young man of his age. Emotionally, and psychologically, Adam is surprisingly well adjusted. This is refreshing for his bandmates, for they are less so. Formerly of "One Side Red", Adam felt a far different musical inclination than the others in that particular outfit. As a result of which, his destiny would be that his musical journey would continue past his tenure with his original outfit. Now his destiny has led him to reside in the much greener valleys of "Patient Zero".

Ed plays bass. Ed felt very early on that playing on only four strings, and with no chords, would be much easier than anything else, and thusly he chose bass. A staunch and militant cynic, Ed dislikes and distrusts most people. Living a lifestyle not unlike "Dersu Uzala" or the Bridge Troll from "The Three Billy Goats Gruff", Ed is continuously spurning contact with the outside, or "real" world. He chooses instead to funnel his creativity and energy into outlets that will benefit only him. Once a member of "The Original Patient Zero", he now plays exclusively for "Patient Zero". Ed felt the original crew was too full of idealists and quitters to ever have succeeded. Times have changed now, however, and the future of bass playing can be seen in Ed.

Mike plays drums. Mike plays drums good. Mike plays drums real good. Almost too good, for sometimes his adeptness at his craft scares his bandmates. Mike is an F.B.I. drummer (Full Blooded Italian), and as is stereotypical of Italian-Americans, Mike feels very strongly, that Sacco & Vanzetti were wrongly convicted. But don't let that fool you. Mike is like the glue that holds "Patient Zero" together. But some kind of radioactive glue, that is (molecularly speaking) highly unstable and nearing critical mass, which possesses the ability to decimate everything around it within a fifteen-mile radius, while simultaneously giving superpowers to the drummer. Yeah, that's the kind of glue that Mike is. One of the original members of "The Original Patient Zero", Mike had to leave that group when their emotional tour bus pitched off of a cliff, and exploded, killing everyone aboard except for Mike, and (unfortunately as he felt at the time), Ed. Later on, Mike would flirt with danger, in the form of death as he endured a severe medical trauma, which resulted in the permanent alteration of his body. Mike perservered, however and grew stronger and stronger, until he reached his artistic zenith, playing drums for "Patient Zero"


Unfinished Business Live Demo;
Alligator Breifcase EP - Self released

Set List

We have a diverse set ranging in time from 30mins to over two hours of original material. Songs; Sotties Pippins; 7th Grade Hazing (pt.1+2); Blanket Alert; Diplomatic Immunity; Sleeping Giant; Wornhole; Regrets Not Withstanding; Soft Spoken; Bonesaw; Synaptic Response; Repeat Offender;