Heavy groove with a heaping helping o' party? A bouncing rollicking beat with horns and crunchies to liven it up, Patio has made a name for themselves here in the Quad Cities.


There is a lot of experience wrapped up in Patio. Pat Willis (Captain Barney, BurntMcMelbaToast, Dagobah) teamed up with Erik "E-Dub" Wilson (BurntMcMelbaToast, Justin Morrissey & Friends) to start the new Patio with Dan Olds (Musical Outfits, The Tritones) and Derek Reid (The Tritones, Grotesk). After the foursome's first show in Moline, Illinois on February 4, 2006 they quickly gained popularity and became one of the Quad Cities' top original acts. In June of 2006 Patio recruited keyboardist Alan "Keys" Vrombaut of Tritones fame. Now they are working on their first CD and getting ready to hit the road...

Set List

Patio's sets generally consist of 90% original music and 10% or less cover songs. With close to 60 originals to choose from, the band does a good job of changing the set lists from show to show. Typical covers include songs from Spearhead, Luce, G Love, The Bee Gees and a few TV show themes.