Pat Jordan Band

Pat Jordan Band


We are an acoustic rock band that plays our original music. Our sound combines riff based melodies, driving ryhthms, and lyrical content ranging from pensive to ridiculous. Live performances have earned us the honors of being voted the Best Local Band in Sonoma County, CA for 2006 and 2007.


it started in a smoke-filled garage in northern california. it started at the beach, by a lake, and in living rooms and backyards. it started... with pat.

pat grew up in a large and loving family. his house was (and still is) a home; always filled with friends who found it to be a welcoming environment. a home away from home. it was in this house, surrounded by those who knew him best and loved him most, that pat began to play.

at first he played what he knew. artists he connected with, and songs that challenged or touched him... or both. it's often frustrating to teach yourself how to play guitar, and there were times when it looked as though he might give up. he didn't. over time, pat started to build confidence, and realize his potential as a guitarist, and a writer. in the beginning there were brief glimpses of something raw and unrefined, yet powerful. these moments would appear, and quickly pass, but eventually developed into vivid and lasting periods of beautiful and honest music. pat was beginning to show us the singer-songwriter he had become... or always was.

as he started to write and follow the path that has lead him to where he is today, he became dissatisfied with his songs rarely escaping the walls of his garage, and his circle of friends. pat needed a band. knowing what he wanted, and what he needed, it took some time and experimentation for him to put together a band. a team of other musicians that would compliment his musical style, and more importantly, his personality. with the blazing beats and complex rhythms of drummer steve toomey, and the subtle yet strong grooves provided by bassist justin bordessa, the pat jordan band has found it's niche in the north bay, and has defined itself as the band to see. having built a solid following, and a faithful fanbase, the pat jordan band is poised for their inevitable explosion upon the national music scene.

it is every musician's nightmare to have someone attempt to describe their sound... understanding this, it makes most sense to be brief. a pat jordan band concert is more than just music. it's more than just a good time. it's seeing, and getting to know a man with a guitar. hearing his words, finding his melodies, and letting it take you over.

also? it's about getting drunk.


"April's Fools" 2004

Set List

Our typical headlining set length is around 2 1/2 hours. Opening acts usually range 30 minutes to one hour.
Our song list includes the following songs....

Get Go
Splash the Pot
Its Coming
Hugs Not Drugs
Six Beers Deep
Lucky Loser
Borrowed Time
Forgive Me I Forget
Dying To Burn
Nothings Changed
What Will Be
Tempus Fugit
Standing Here
Have At It
Dry Hump Jam

Cover Songs
King of Wishful Thinking (Go West)
#41 (Dave Matthews Band)
Hey Girl (OAR)
Hit Me Baby One More Time (Britney Spears)