Pat Maine

Pat Maine

 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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After 3 years of nationwide touring, dozens of festival performances including SXSW, and three album releases, Pat Maine is a voice to be heard in the world of underground hip hop.


Pat Maine was born Southern Californian but grew up in a small mountain town in Northern Utah. (Yes, home of The Mormons, the late Ted Bundy and unicorns.) In the compounds of his geographic location he brewed a micro climate of an imagination. He put his money on the bars packed with syllables and the rhyme schemes to accent them all the way to the end where the concept ties it altogether. Then put his money on the fact that you are going to have to rewind that one part.

He has an alias, Kinnetik, but the only way to really describe him is "Pat Maine." Real name with no relations to Gucci Mane. Perfected his live craft in dive bars in front of confused blanks stares in Salt Lake City for 4 years prior to leaving on tour in 2009. He is complimented mostly on his word choice, live performance and his endurance to stay on the road 9 months out of the year.

Now in 2012 it's all mathematics. Time multiplied by work ethic equals over a dozen tours, South By Southwest, AC3 Festival, a tour w/ Abstract Rude, and an "MC Pigpen & Pat Maine" sticker slapped everywhere across America. All accomplished with no label behind him. Just help from his team and loyal supporters across the map.

Pat Maine's most recent release is a full length album collaborated with MC Pigpen entitled "The Last Year."

Solo Projects
2008 - Substratum- Headstand
2009 - Kinnetik- So You Haven't Heard of Who?
2011 - Nighttime Medicine EP
2012 - Doomsday Charades


Substratum: Headstand LP - February 2008

Kinnetik: So You Haven't Heard of Who - January 2009

Nighttime Medicine EP - September 2011

The Last Year (With MC Pigpen) - January 2012

Doomsday Charades - December 2012

Set List

Oldie But a Goodie,
Wants Like Needs,
Safe and Sound,
People I Claim,
Dinner Bells and Straight Jackets,
Cave Life,
If You Build It,
Doomsday Charades,
You'll Never Be,
Snake in the Road,
The Mask or Face,
Doom Drops

Normally a set length ranges for 30 to 45 minutes.