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Pat Maine

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | SELF

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Hip Hop For Charity"

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"Doomtree @ Kilby Court"

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Kilby Court
with Sick Sense & Skinwalker, Pat Maine is KiNNetiK

Way before even getting to the venue, people were warning me that Doomtree, the Minneapolis DIY hip hop collective, would be playing without their most famous member. P.O.S. is on the Warped Tour this summer and friends, editors, even the group itself on promo posters seemed to be almost apologizing to me for his absence. I wasn’t worried. I’ve seen P.O.S. several times, including once in February at Kilby Court with fellow Doomtree members Sims and Mike Mictlan, all being supported by Lazerbeak, all three of whom would be appearing at this show. Both MC’s were clearly capable of working a crowd by themselves then, so why should tonight, being supported by the rest of their tightly knit collective, be any different? The lineup this time consisted of most everyone but P.O.S. from the group. As far as emcee’s go, Sims has the growl, Dessa’s got the purr, Cecil Otter’s got the poetry, and Mike Mictlan has the machine-gun delivery, all backed up this time by Lazerbeak (who has his own hand signal now) on the buttons and Paper Tiger on the turntables.

I’d spent my week wondering what the format for this kind of show would be––four emcee’s all competing? All doing their own songs? Taking turns at short sets? This group is so prolific, both together and as independent artists, that the catalogue of music from which to pull a show out of was truly immense. Since their inception, Doomtree (as a label) has been releasing short EP’s either as collaborations or alone, called False Hopes, recently releasing volume 14. On top of that, the group finished an eponymous full-length last year, as did Mike Mictlan and Lazerbeak as Hand Over Fist, Cecil Otter’s long-awaited full-length, Rebel Yellow is out now, and Sims’ album, Lights Out Paris came out a few years back. This coupled with new material from Dessa’s upcoming full-length and Sims’ collaboration with Lazerbeak which should both be out within a year (I hope), and these six artists have more than enough music to play around with.

So I ride my bike to Kilby Court and as all too often happens there, I hear the first act finishing up as I walk up the alley. There’s always a moment when I think I’ll make it, but then a song ends and nothing follows. Sorry Pat Maine! I’ve since checked this local dude out on myspace and his music is definitely worth the listen: eerie, acoustic guitar driven hip hop with conscious lyrics. I’ll make it my business in the future to see him at one of the many shows he’s playing around town. Luckily, I did make it in time to see the duo of DJ/producer Skinwalker and MC Sick Sense, two thirds of Salt Lake City act 1st Class. The set starts out a little slow, like the guys are warming up, but Sick Sense seems to hit his stride after a few songs and really starts working the mic for the crowd. The beats are solid, the rhymes about weed and ego are reasonable and never abrasive in the way that so many lesser rappers try too hard, but overall something is missing. Maybe it was the absence of their third component, Mr. Smith, or maybe the crowd was too small and unfamiliar with their songs for everyone to get really engaged. Either way, there is a lot of potential in these kids, but I’m waiting for something really impressive. Their record, The Future of Classic, is out now on Xcommunicated Records. - Slug Mag


Substratum: Headstand LP - February 2008

Kinnetik: So You Haven't Heard of Who - January 2009

Nighttime Medicine EP - September 2011

The Last Year (With MC Pigpen) - January 2012

Doomsday Charades - December 2012



Pat Maine was born Southern Californian but grew up in a small mountain town in Northern Utah. (Yes, home of The Mormons, the late Ted Bundy and unicorns.) In the compounds of his geographic location he brewed a micro climate of an imagination. He put his money on the bars packed with syllables and the rhyme schemes to accent them all the way to the end where the concept ties it altogether. Then put his money on the fact that you are going to have to rewind that one part.

He has an alias, Kinnetik, but the only way to really describe him is "Pat Maine." Real name with no relations to Gucci Mane. Perfected his live craft in dive bars in front of confused blanks stares in Salt Lake City for 4 years prior to leaving on tour in 2009. He is complimented mostly on his word choice, live performance and his endurance to stay on the road 9 months out of the year.

Now in 2012 it's all mathematics. Time multiplied by work ethic equals over a dozen tours, South By Southwest, AC3 Festival, a tour w/ Abstract Rude, and an "MC Pigpen & Pat Maine" sticker slapped everywhere across America. All accomplished with no label behind him. Just help from his team and loyal supporters across the map.

Pat Maine's most recent release is a full length album collaborated with MC Pigpen entitled "The Last Year."

Solo Projects
2008 - Substratum- Headstand
2009 - Kinnetik- So You Haven't Heard of Who?
2011 - Nighttime Medicine EP
2012 - Doomsday Charades