Pat Moss

Pat Moss

 Tahlequah, Oklahoma, USA

Deep Blues and Riveting R&B, played with inspired passion, creating infectious grooves and engaging the audience. Veteran musicianship, stone cold arrangements and an awsome list of tunes leave you always wanting more. A group that doesn't just play, they truly perform, always from the heart n' soul


Pat Moss comes from a musical family and a musical community. He started playing guitar in 1961 after dancing with a little girl to a Jimmy Reed record. Encouraged and mentored by older blues musicians (to this very day), he has an understanding of the idiom that comes from playing houseparties and hog fries, as well as working as a field hand and studying the "Masters." Ernest White, Willie King, DC Minner, and many others encouraged him to find his own voice, tone, and style.
This is not a bunch of overworked 12 bar and redundant shuffle blues, this is a fresh rendering of the idiom with many engaging originals and articulate arrangements of the standards. The set list includes new arrangements of many deep soul and blues songs that have been overlooked by more "commercial" bands.
Expect to be entertained, prepare to groove.


Jook Joint Preacher/ CD Album
Booteak Records/ Memphis, TN
9 originals by Pat Moss
Recorded at Royal Studio
W/ members of the "HI Rhythm Section"
available @ CD Baby
some international radio play

Set List

Help Me
Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong
Hoodoo Man
Call The Plumber
Little Country Woman
Lovers' Prayer
Walkin' Dr. Bill
Can't Hold Out
Bumpy Face
You Gonna' Make Me Cry
Jook Joint Preacher
8 Men & 4 Women
Mannish Boy
Blind, Crippled, and Crazy
Wrong too Long
Hold It
One Eyed Woman
Drink Muddy Water
Two Trains
Shake For Me
Meet Me In The Bottom
Rat Loose In My House
Early In The Morning
Why I Drink
Woman I Love
Wang Dang Doodle
Jook Joint
Bottle Up and Go