pat murphy

pat murphy


I don't want to hype me and I don't want to hype you - there's so many of you out there listening to so many different styles of music being played by very talented people. Playing music is what I love. Give a listen. I hope you enjoy.


I've been influenced by all the greats that have filled our airwaves over the past 40 years and then some. Old blues, new blues, folk and r&b, southernrock,and motown Little Richard and Jerry Lee, Beatles, Stones, James Taylor, Paul Simon, The Dead and Dylan - I'm a working slob - bars and pubs - just trying to keep my hand in is all...


First CD - "Pat Murphy - Live At Legget ", 2nd - "The Reflecting Pool " 3rd and soon to be released, "Pat Murphy - Songs from the Cape" featuring "Cape Cod Time"

Set List

Eagles - The Band - James Taylor- Paul Simon - Greatful Dead - Elton John -Bob Dylan -Billy Joel -Eric Clapton - Temptations - Elvis- Dion-Smoky Robinson -Chuck Berry -CSNY -